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This week, we’re kicking off a 2 part series with part 1 of 10 Rules for a Fabulous, Functional wardrobe. This is my favorite presentation to give to women on why style matters and how to make getting dressed easier–and now I’m bringing it to you!

In Lessons from Linda, I share the story of a woman who had lots of Halloween costume options hanging right in her closet. In vocabulary, we’ll define what a Fabulous, Functional Wardrobe is, and in Current Events, we’re talking about the upcoming holiday season!

Links & Resources from the show:

Our episode with Dana Marlowe of I Support the Girls.  This is a fabulous organization that could really use your help.

Read more Holiday Shopping predictions from Retail Dive.

Check out Walmart’s Holiday Sale schedule.

Get your WHOLE HOUSE organized with Home By Eleven’s course! Take 20% off with code everyday.

What Your Kitchen & Closet Have in Common

All About Bras Part 1 & Part 2

Basics of Proper Fit

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