Do you ever look at experts and think, “Were they born knowledgeable and wise?” Well, I can’t speak for all the experts out there, but I certainly wasn’t born knowing my own personal style!

In this episode, I’m sharing my style story and clearing up any illusions that I was always good at this style thing. You’re going to hear some of the things that shaped my thoughts and habits, as well as what I did to create new thoughts and habits. I hope my style story inspires you to keep going.

My style journey isn’t all that different from yours, but the steps I’ve taken – including dressing for my body shape and unlearning bad shopping habits – might be useful to you.

Remember, learning the fundamentals of style can help you understand that your body isn’t the issue. And life is more fun when you wear clothes that you love.

In this episode:

  • The one-sided relationship I used to have with clothes, and the single day that changed my life
  • How I launched my first business in order to help women dress for their body shape
  • The bad shopping habits that I absorbed as a child
  • How my wardrobe became more refined and cohesive
  • Why finding your own style is a matter of identifying and embracing your own natural uniform, not comparing yourself to others

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The Dress Your Body Shape challenge will be happening soon within The Style Circle. Join now to benefit from learning in a supportive environment and kiss closet drama goodbye!

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