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You see stylish women out in the world and you shop at the same stores they do.

But you always feel like your look never quite comes together the way you want it to. Something’s missing, or  “off”, but you don’t know how to find it, or fix it.

You try to put together stylish outfits each morning, but after 5 or 6 attempts, you settle for the same thing you wore yesterday.


Maybe you were raising babies, or maybe you were focused on your career..or maybe, it was both.

Either way, you’re ready to step back in, but your closet hasn’t had a serious upgrade since Lost was on TV.

You don’t know where to start. You read blogs and scroll Instagram, but you don’t feel like you’ve got the right body, budget, or lifestyle. Doesn’t anyone give advice to real women? 


Fitting rooms are the worst. You take in dozens of pieces to try on, but end up with just 1 or 2…if you’re lucky.

You’re overwhelmed by all the options–why are there so many styles of pants? 

Plus, aren’t salespeople supposed to help you? (spoiler alert, no)

It’s like finding a needle in a fashionable haystack.

It doesn’t have to be this hard.

Imagine knowing how to

look STYLISH and feel CONFIDENT every day.

What would that be like?

Let me ask my crystal ball….

  • You could stop wasting time and money, buying clothes you never wear.
  • You could shop with confidence, knowing what’s right for you.
  • You could say “yes” to a last minute lunch, because you already look great–might as well show off a little!  
  • You could have more style with less stuff.
  • You could love the way you look, regardless of your age, size, or shape.
  • You could feel more joy in the everyday moments…because let’s face it, when we like the way we look, we enjoy life more. 

All of those things are possible, and now there’s an easy way to figure it all out!



The membership that gives you all the tools you need to create an effortless wardrobe you love, and the support to help you get there. 

What makes the Style Circle is different

from other wardrobe solutions you’ve tried?


  • It’s not an intensive course. You can go at your own pace, working on the topics most important to you.  
  • It goes beyond telling you what to wear and buy, it teaches you the skills to figure out what’s best for you.

  • It was created by a professional stylist with over 20 years of experience dressing real women.




  • Learn the principles of style so that you can apply them to YOUR unique body, coloring, style and lifestyle for life. No cookie cutter advice here!
  • Save time and money and let go of “what to wear stress” so that you can focus on what you’re DOING, not what you’re WEARING!

  • Gain confidence, knowing you’re ready for anything–and that you look fabulous!


The Capsule Guides and Classes alone would cost you over $500, but you can join the Style Circle today for just $49.


After that, it’s just $17 per month. As long as you’re a Style Circle member, you’ll have access to all of the tools and advice you need. 



Value- $198

Learn WHAT to buy, WHERE to buy it, and HOW to put it all together with our seasonal Capsule Guide eBooks.

Capsule Guides are done-for-you wardrobe blueprints that make building a stylish wardrobe easier than you ever thought possible.

When you join, you have instant access to the current Capsule Guide.

Learn more about Capsule Guides here.


Value- $250+

Our core video classes teach you the fundamentals of style, like how to dress your body shape, find your best colors, discover your style, and clean out your closet. 

Our mini classes help take your style to the next level,  and show you how to use color and pattern in your wardrobe, and how to find the best jeans ever. 


Value- Priceless!

Our members-only Facebook group is your place to connect with other Style Circle members for ideas, inspiration and encouragement.

Imagine having a few hundred educated friends who can answer “How do these jeans look on me?” or “Where can I find a white t-shirt that isn’t see through?”

It’s invaluable support, right at your fingertips


Each month, Style Circle members receive a new resource.

Four times a year, you’ll receive the new Capsule Guide. Other months, it may be an exclusive podcast episode, a simple checklist, a new mini class or a group challenge.

Style Circle Members also get early access to all Classes, Guides and Events.




Each week, there’s a Live Q&A session in the member community,  answering all of your style questions.

Each month, members who are not a part of our Facebook group can join us for Office Hours via zoom to get their questions answered. 

This is the most affordable way to have a personal stylist on speed dial!


Style Circle members get discounted mini Virtual Styling Sessions, in case you’d like a little extra advice, or want hands-on help going through your wardrobe.

You’ll also get member pricing for special events and programs.

Hi, I’m Jen!

For 20 years, I’ve been helping real women learn the skills they need to create the look they want. 

I know that women want to feel beautiful, confident, and stylish. 

But I also know that when it’s difficult, we give up. We buy in to the lie that what we wear doesn’t matter. But you and I both know it does. We know that when we like the way we look, we’re more confident and open. We have more fun. Life’s just better.

That’s why I created the Style Circle. To help women learn the skills they need to make it easy. I want you to open your closet and get excited about all the fabulous options you have. I want you to get dressed without stress everyday…and love the result!



It might even feel frivolous to spend money learning about style, instead of just buying clothes. But…

Imagine how good it would feel to know once and for all why some things work, and why others don’t.

Imagine how amazing it would be to have fewer clothes, but more style.

Imagine how great it would be to say “yes” to last minute plans, because you already look cute.

You can achieve all of that-and more-by being a member of the Style Circle.


Join today for just $49. After that, it’s just $17 a month, and you can cancel anytime.


Q: I'm busy. How much time will this require?

A: You can spend as much, or as little, time in the Style Circle as you’d like. You can participate in the Community, and take part in all of the Challenges, or you can watch a class per month on your own. It’s totally up to you.

There are no weekly commitments to add to your calendar. Your style should make life easier, not be another thing on your to-do list!



Q: Who is this right for?

A: The Style Circle is for every woman who’s tired of wasting time and money on clothes…and who’s still unhappy with the results. We have members in their 20’s and 70’s, and everywhere in between!

Regardless of your age, stage, size, or style, learning the fundamentals of style and wardrobing will help you be successful for years to come. 


Q: How do I get access to the Capsule Guides and Classes?

A: Our classes and guides are hosted on our learning dashboard through Thinkific. There, you’ll find all of the on-demand classes, and downloadable guides.

When you sign up, you’ll receive an email with instructions for creating your account. If you have any challenges, email our team at

Q: I'm not on Facebook, is the Style Circle worth it?

A: As a Style Circle  member you’ll get every guide, class, and resource we produce, which is still an amazing value. Plus, you can join me for Office Hours to get your individual questions answered. 


Q: If the Style Circle isn't right for me, can I get a refund?

A: As soon as you join, you have access to over $500 of resources, so we don’t offer refunds. However, you can cancel anytime. 


Q:I don't live in the US, can I still join the Style Circle?

A: Of course! The links we provide in the Capsule Wardrobe Guides are to US stores, but beyond that, the resources and principles apply to everyone. 


“The Community is full of supportive and encouraging women. I love how the challenges push me to try new outfits which always make me feel stylish and put together when I leave the house, and I learn a lot from the Q&A sessions. Even if I’m not asking questions, I get so much from the videos each week” — Ellen L.

“I just finished watching the denim class and I can honestly say for the first time ever that I am excited to go jean shopping!  I love that I have the tools to weed out all the jeans that are a ‘no’ before I get to the fitting room. There is nothing more discouraging than trying on pair after pair of jeans that don’t fit. I’m always so discouraged after trying on jeans,but I see now that you can look good in any size, you just need the right fit!. Thank you!” – Ann E.

“This is my 4th capsule. I joined the membership because I have gained so much confidence with each capsule purchase that I just want that feeling to continue! Seriously, it makes my life so much easier. I rarely need to leave the house these days without feeling put together and fabulous! I love the classes and advice too, but the capsules are my favorite part!” — Amy T.


  “I used to dread going out because I didn’t love my clothes…
Now I want to go places because I LOVE my clothes!” Ruth C.

“My life has been elevated in the best way possible through your Capsules. Thank you!” Elle S.

“The classes are one of my favorite things about the membership. I have learned SO much from each one.”  Emily G.




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