In this episode we welcome Dana Marlowe, Founder and Executive Director of I Support The Girls. I Support The Girls is an incredible organization that provides bras and menstrual hygiene products to girls and women experiencing homelessness and poverty as a source of dignity, self-esteem, and support.

In this episode, Dana and I discuss:

How I Support the Girls got started.
The great work they’ve done over the last few years, and the thousands and thousands of women they’ve helped.
How the pandemic has impacted I Support the Girls and the women they serve.
The tampon to matzo ball exchange rate
How the Everyday Style School listeners can support ISTG

There are a few audio lags in this episode, probably due to everyone in the world being on the internet at the same time. We apologize but feel the episode is important enough to share. Thanks for understanding!

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Read more about Dana Marlowe:

Dana Marlowe can turn a moment into a movement. What began with her spontaneous question of “What can I do with my old bras?” led to the creation of I Support the Girls, a non-profit organization that provides a source of dignity, self-esteem, empowerment, and support to marginalized women via the donation of bras and menstrual hygiene products.

As a human rights advocate in the intersections of feminism, menstrual equality, health, and dignity, Dana works tirelessly to better the lives of the most invisible populations. These women and girls are often overlooked by mainstream society. Dana can’t fix the larger societal issues that create insecurity, like homelessness and living paycheck-to-paycheck, but she can combat feelings of worthlessness by encouraging an accommodated period and properly fitting bra.

In her tenure as the Executive Director and Founder at I Support the Girls, Dana has worked behind the scenes and beyond borders, not only facilitating donations but also visiting countless shelters to connect with women experiencing homelessness, hearing their stories and using these experiences to become a stronger advocate.

I Support the Girls is Dana’s passion project. She is also the founder and principal partner of Accessibility Partners, an IT company making technology accessible for people with disabilities. Dana promotes equal access to technology and the full inclusion of people with disabilities in technology usage. When she is not sorting bras or striving for inclusivity, she can be found at playgrounds with her sons, walking her new puppy, or attending early morning dance raves.

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