The Everyday Style School Podcast

A podcast that shares real style advice for real women.

“Fun AND helpful! Jennifer simplifies style in a way that is fun, light-hearted, and super actionable. Love this podcast so much!”

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About The Everyday Style School

The Everyday Style School is a show that shares the knowledge, expierience, and stories I’ve gained after dressing women for almost two decades.

With each episode, we aim to inspire women to love the way they look right now, and equip them with the tools to make style easy and fun.

 Why a podcast?

We produce The Everyday Style School podcast because it makes learning on the go easy. You can take these free style lessons where you go, and listen whenever you have time, whether you’re driving, doing dishes, or taking a walk!


Ep 44 Caring For Your Wardrobe

In this Episode, we're talking about caring for your laundry--from becoming a stain fighting master, to developing routines that work! The Words of the Week are Knits & Wovens. Yep, another oldie, but goodie, and more important than ever in the age of online...

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Ep 38 Building a High Quality Wardrobe

Ep 38 Building a High Quality Wardrobe

In this episode, we talk about why finding high-quality clothes is so hard these days, and what you can do to build a long-lasting wardrobe. Lessons from Linda shares the story of a woman with an outfit for everything. The Word of the Week is "Bi-Strech"--it's Ponte's...

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