As we get ready to ring in a new year, this episode shares what you should get rid of in 2019. From clothes that make you feel bad, to your thoughts on what you’re going to wear “someday”, I’m sharing 5 things you should ditch before 2020 rolls around. Why not head into the New Year with less physical and mental clutter, and make room for the things and thoughts that will serve you now?

Plus, even though I claim to hate New Year’s Resolutions, I share five Style Resolutions that are actually worth making.

This week, Lessons from Linda shares the story of a Linda who was disappointed in our shopping trip, until she discovered I was right all along.

The Word of the Week is elastane, better known as Lycra or Spandex. We talk about what’s good about it (hello, stretch!), what’s not so good, and how to take care of it properly. You’ll learn a fun bit of trivia about Spandex, too.

In Current Events, we talk about Pantone’s newly-announced Color of the Year for 2020!! What is it? Who picked it? What does it all mean?  Spoiler alert–it’s blue, and it doesn’t really mean a ton right now.

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