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This week, we’re talking about 6 super wearable trends for Summer 2021!

Styles have changed a lot this year, and you might be looking at stores, wondering how you’re supposed to wear this stuff. Never fear, my friend! I’m sharing how to update your current wardrobe in easy ways without looking like you traveled back in time to 1992.  From colors and patterns to a surprise neckline trend…we’re getting you ready for Hot Girl Summer!

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Hi Friends! Welcome back to the show that teaches you everything your mom never did about getting dressed.  Today, we are talking about Summer Trends for 2021. These episodes are always among our most popular, and it’s no wonder–it’s tough to keep up with what’s current from season to season, and sometimes, you just want someone to tell you what to wear.

Speaking of which, the best way to know exactly what to wear, and how to wear the trends, is with our Capsule wardrobe Guides–they show you exactly what to wear, where to get it and how to put it all together to create a super stylish, super simple wardrobe each season. 

The Summer Capsule Guide is coming out June 9, which, if you’re listening to this episode on release day, is next week. BUT, you can save money by pre-ordering it starting tomorrow. Pre-order info will be going out to our email subscribers, so make sure you’re on the list. 

Real quick, I just want to let you know what the Capsule Guides are if you’re new here.

Summer 2021 Capsule Guide

First, it’s an instantly downloadable ebook.  We show you pictures of a mix and match summer wardrobe that uses around 35 pieces to create hundreds of outfits. We show you all the tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and accessories you need. I bet you have a lot of them in your closet already.

Also in the ebook, there’s a seasonal trend page, that shows you the trends we’re talking about today, plus a lot more, so you’ll be in the know.

Then, you get pictures of what to do with every single piece in the Capsule. Have you ever saw something you loved, but thought–How would I wear that?  Well, that’s what we show you. You won’t be left wondering how you would style something. You get a detailed visual guide.

Plus, in the Capsule Guide, there’s a link to our Shopping Link Database. My team and I search the internet for you to find each capsule piece in a variety of price points and size ranges. There’s a minimum of 8 links per item including spend and save options as well as petite and plus. We also add curvy and tall links where we can. Every shoe, every top, every dress has a minimum of 8 links to make your seasonal shopping a breeze. 

But wait, there’s more.  Every person who purchases the Capsule Guide gets invited to our special community Facebook group. There you can connect with other Capsule Subscribers for inspiration and feedback, extra links, and styling ideas.  You’ll also Q&A’s with me, where you get your individual questions, both Capsule related and not, answered all season long. It’s an amazing bonus and it’s included with your Summer Capsule Guide purchase.

I’ve got an extra special bonus this season too, which you’ll read all about in my emails.

You can visit our website at to learn more about Capsule Guides and to get on our email list for the pre-sale special. 

Let’s get into summer trends. 

I’ve been talking about a shift in styling and silhouettes for a while now–like shorter tops, wider pants–and how they go together, but it was really Spring of this year that I saw the tipping point in stores where my Lindas actually shop. What’s noteworthy about that is that it makes summer trends even more exciting, because they actually feel different. What’s difficult about that is that your eyes are probably not adjusted yet. You might be feeling like “UGh, I hate everything in stores”.  I’ve said it before but it takes our eyes and mind a little time to catch up to new styles. Lots of us haven’t been in stores a lot over the last year which makes new silhouettes even more jarring.  

So today, I’m going to talk about 5 super wearable trends for summer that will ease you into this new era of fashion gently and stylishly.

Remember, if a look doesn’t work for you, you don’t have to wear it, even if it’s everywhere in stores. Style is about what’s right for you.

A little disclaimer–these trends are what’s current for the regular, everyday, real women that I serve. They’re not what’s hot off the runway. Yes, satin bra tops are trendy, but I have a feeling most of you won’t be adding them to your summer wardrobe. These are the things you can find in places like Loft, Banana Republic, Everlane, Old Navy, J Crew, et cetera et cetera… So if you’re tempted to send me an email saying I forgot to put sheer dresses on the list, trust me, I didn’t forget. Lets get on with it.

The 90’s vibes are strong, my friends, which I know makes lots of you happy, and others decidedly less so. 

Bermuda Shorts

A very easy-to-wear 90’s trend that’s definitely having a moment is Bermuda shorts. If you’re on my email list, you know that I’ve sent 2 picks of the week featuring longer shorts–biker shorts, and denim Bermudas. To the knee shorts are a godsend for women who don’t love to show their legs, and want a little bit of extra coverage. I’ve seen Bermudas in denim, linen, stretch-woven athleisure fabrics, chino…you name it. 

There isn’t really much styling advice on this one other than put Bermudas on, and call it a day. They go with everything. The only thing I would say is that for women with longer torsos and shorter legs, they can create a bit of a strange proportion and make your torso look even longer in comparison to your legs. You can go with a higher rise and shorter top to help combat this, but beyond that, there really isn’t a trick. This is something I deal with so my compromise will be longer shorts than I normally wear, without going full Bermuda, and doing a half-tuck with my top.


The second trend is tie-dye. We saw this last summer, and it’s back again. I’m seeing lots of light pastel colorful tie-dye out there, as well as mono-color with white. I’ve seen tons of tie-dye dresses, as well as tops, shorts, and lots of matching sets. It’s super easy to add a tie-dye tee or tank to your wardrobe to update it a little, or if you want to go bolder, try a tie-dye maxi dress.  Again, there isn’t a lot of how to style this advice on this one.  Buy colors that you love, throw on your denim Bermudas, and you’re good to go!

Matching Sets

The third trend I want to talk about is matching sets.  Last fall and winter it was all about matching lounge and sweat sets, which, can we be honest…best trend ever.  Anyway, this summer those sets are getting dressed up and going out on the town–like a lot of us. I’ve seen linen shirts and short sets, and palm print tanks with wide-leg pants as well as the casual lounge sets that are still going strong. 

I love this one because sets are as easy to style as a dress, or jumpsuit, or romper, but you can also break them apart and wear them separately. This creates even more mix and match magic in your wardrobe. Also, jumpsuits and rompers don’t work quite as well, fit and flattery-wise, for some bodies. This is a great way to kind of fake the look, but find pieces that work better with your shape.’ Sometimes sets can feel really scary–especially the dressier or printed ones you can wear to work, or dinner. My advice is to look at them as a dress. If you wouldn’t hesitate to wear a pattern on a dress or a jumpsuit, it’s no different.  Just have fun with it!

Summer 2021 Patterns

Let’s talk patterns for summer 2021.  Pattern is another easy way to refresh your wardrobe and make what you already have look more current.  There are a bunch of patterns that are big this season. The first is vertical stripes. I always say that when something that is good for you is in stores, snap it up. I can’t tell you how many times over the years women have said, why do they only do horizontal stripes, wouldn’t vertical stripes be better? Well, my ladies who want to look longer and leaner, this is your season. I’m seeing vertical stripe pants, shorts, dresses, name it.  Frankly, I am here for it. 

Another pattern I’m seeing crop up a lot is palm print.  This is always one of my favorite summer patterns, but I love how I’m seeing it reimagined in colors besides just green this season. While I have nothing against green palm print, I feel like changing it up color-wise makes it a little fresher and unexpected. Bold, retro florals are also having a moment this season. There seems to be a smattering of gingham out there too, so whether you like bold prints, like retro florals and palm print, or you like more classic patterns like gingham and stripes, there’s something out there for you.  

Summer 2021 Color

Adding in the colors of the season is another easy way to get your wardrobe looking more current. What I love about color trends, and I’ve said this before, is that colors don’t really go out of style. There are no NEW colors being introduced, it’s just the degree to which we’re seeing them in stores, and how they’re being shown. If you saw someone wearing an emerald green top, you wouldn’t say “omg, that is so two years ago”…no, you just wouldn’t really think anything of it. However, if you saw someone wearing the colors that are, as I like to say, having a moment, it reads as more current.

Every season, someone asks me, “that color looks terrible on me, should I buy it anyway?”. No, no you shouldn’t–if you care about how colors look on you. You’ll never feel confident in it, or want to wear it, so why would you?  Now, if you’re not someone who prioritizes wearing your best colors, go for it.  Just like any trend–you should never buy something you dislike or don’t feel confident in just so you can be current. There are dozens of ways each season to work trends into your wardrobe.  Skip those you don’t love, or that don’t love you back.

 Ok, getting back to the colors of Summer 2021. There are a few very big, and very divergent color trends this summer.  First, you have the fun colors–the pinks, aquas, yellows, purple–and we’re seeing a full spectrum of these colors from the palest pastels to the most saturated neon colors.  Then we’ve got the earthy neutrals–one of the really big colors is a rusty terracotta that one of my Capsule Team ladies called “copper” and I think it’s the perfect description.

But we’re also seeing blush, olive beige–its kind of a total 180 from the fun color trend.  What I really love though, is how we’re seeing these two trends being shown together. The copper color I mentioned is being used as a neutral and paired with pale pink, lavender, and citron.  I think it looks really fresh, modern, and unexpected. It’s a bolder color pairing than a lot of us are used to, but actually really wearable–as our Summer Capsule subscribers are going to find out.

The last color trend is blue and white–what shade of blue?  All shades of blue. Blue and white are definitely having a moment this summer–and I think it’s the perfect example of how colors can’t really be trendy or faddish–you’ve seen blue and white before. They’re nothing new. It’s just how prevalent they are in stores.

 The good news is that with three strong color trends, there’s something for everyone, regardless of your personal style, or your coloring.  The tricky thing is, with three strong color trends, it can be tough to create cohesion in a wardrobe, and not just end up with a bunch of one-offs.  In the Capsule Guide, we’ve managed to work them all in there in a way that doesn’t feel jumbled or disconnected–it’s kind of a color trend sampler, if you will.

Square Necklines

The final trend I have for you is square neck tops. I don’t remember the last time a neckline was particularly trendy, but square neck tops are everywhere–on tanks, tees blouses, and dresses. I actually had to think for a bit about who square neck tops would be best for because in all my years of styling women, square necks haven’t been so prevalent that I’ve had to really talk about them, or work with them in-store.  But here’s what I know–square necks are open necklines, which is good for women with shorter necks and or bigger busts.  However, they’re also a horizontal line, which could make shoulders look broader. 

I kind of look at square necks like I do scoop and v-neck tops–there’s one out there for everyone, and they’re not created equal. For example, there are deep, narrow v-s, and shallow, wide v-s..same with scoop necks. And squares.  I have one square neck blouse that I love, but it’s not a hugely open neckline. It’sust enough to open up my neck and chest area–and it doesn’t have any ruffles or gathering around the seams. I had another square neck that was a lot more open and square, and also had gathering at the seams. I felt a lot more top heavy in that one.   

I think this is one every woman can play with.  If you’re trying to make your shoulders look broader to balance out your lower body, look for a very wide square, with gathers or puff sleeves to really bring attention to that area.  If you don’t want to make your upper body look bigger, but you still want to try the trend, look for a smaller square, without other adornments.

There you have it friends–6 super wearable trends for Summer 2021. I’ve got lots more in this season’s Capsule Guide. Remember, if you’re not on the list for the Capsule Guide pre-sale, head to our website and sign up for any of our freebies. Or go to the shownotes for this episode and sign up. If you miss it, that’s ok, it’s out for everyone June 9. I can’t wait to meet as many of you in the Facebook community as possible this season. We’re going to have our own version of Hot Girl Summer!

Also, head to the shownotes for links and examples of all the trends we’ve talked about today. Your homework is to start noticing these trends when you’re out and about, or when you’re doing a little online browsing, and see which ones you can picture in your wardrobe.

We’ll be back next week with a conversation so many of you have asked about.  That is, how to create a wardrobe when your body is in flux. Whether you’ve had a baby, you’re losing weight, you’ve gained weight–whatever.  It’s tough to know how to create a temporary wardrobe that will leave you feeling stylish, and won’t break the bank.  It’s a good one you won’t want to miss. Have a great week everybody and I’ll see you next time!

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