This week, we share 5 easy things you can do to make your wardrobe look more expensive–no matter how much you spend on your clothes!

From choosing the right colors to taking care of the things you already own, these tips will help you look like a million bucks!

Lessons from Linda shares why lots of women struggle to make “outfits”

Word of the Week answers “What exactly is a ‘Wrap’?” and in Philosophy, I share the quote that guides my business every day.

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Links & Resources from the Show

Wraps, Shawls, “Ponchos” and Ruanas, oh my!

Take Care of What You Have

These are a few of my clothing care essentials

Pay Attention to The Fit

Check out the episode on Basics of Proper Fit 

Wear the Right Colors

Colors that look expensive (under $100)

Colors that don’t (again, my apologies to L.L. Bean and others!)

Please note, if these are your favorite/best colors, don’t stop wearing them—just know they don’t look as “rich” as more saturated hues!

Trade Slouchy For Structured

Pay Attention to the Details

Look for minimal hardware that doesn’t look chintzy, like this.

Upgrade your buttons for a chic, custom look. 

Keep your nail polish and your lips looking good

Your homework this week is to pick one of these 5 areas to focus on–head over to the Style Lounge and let us know what you did!

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