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This week, my business mentor, Megan Flatt joins us to talk about starting a business.

Megan is the Founder of Let’s Collective, a business growth strategy firm devoted to making entrepreneurship easier and helping women-owned businesses scale. Megan has been an entrepreneur her entire life. She has helped hundreds of women turn their big ideas into day-to-day plans where they actually happen-while eliminating stress and removing the overwhelm from business ownership. You can almost always find Megan with a latte in hand, a stack of Post-It notes at the ready, and a random Lego figure in her pocket.

Perhaps you’ve always thought about starting something on your own, but you don’t know what you’d do, or even where to start. Megan shares her wisdom on how to find the right business, and how to set yourself up for success.

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Visit the Let’s Collective website.

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Get Megan’s genius post-it-note system. Seriously, so good.

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