Neha Samdaria

Do you find yourself struggling with the dreaded “GAP IN THE BACK”? For many, finding the perfect fit is a struggle! If finding pants that fit both your hips and your waist feels like a Dream Come True, you won’t want to miss this episode.

For years, Neha Samdaria struggled to find clothes – especially pants – that fit her correctly. She knew that this wasn’t just her problem – one in four American women have “curvy bottoms” and struggle with the same fit issues. Modern sizing charts are designed to fit only one body type, and there is simply no room for those with a curvier shape.

About Neha Samdaria:

Neha is the Founder of Aam, the first fashion label to cater exclusively to women with hourglass shapes. She grew up struggling to find clothes that could fit both her hips and waist and founded Aam for women like her. She started noodling on the idea when she was at Stanford getting her MBA but didn’t launch until a few years later, after speaking to women all over the country about their fit issues. Today, Aam has just a 3% return rate and glowing reviews from its community of women.

Listen in to learn about all the ways that Neha and Aam are altering the fashion industry – from changing sizing charts to only using sustainable fabrics and working exclusively with production partners who value an ethical code of conduct.

In this episode:
  • The story of how the idea for Aam was sparked on a trip to Rwanda 
  • Why Neha feels that problems of sizing and fit are due to assumptions based on bad data
  • How Aam was launched during the Delta wave of COVID
  • Neha’s tips for successful online clothes shopping, and what people are paying for when they’re not buying mass-produced fashion
  • Details of how to get 15% off your next order from Aam

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Visit Aam and use offer code “everyday15” to get 15% off your entire purchase

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