Edit Your Closet Like a Pro!

In this Episode, Lessons From Linda shares the story of a Linda who wasn’t fully engaged with her life–because she didn’t have the right clothes for it. Has this happened to you?

Yoke is our word of the week, and it can help you find jeans that fit your booty best. Remember, the more slanted the yoke, the curvier the rear of the jean. If you’re a flat-butt girl like me, look for a straighter yoke.  Click here for more info.

In Office Hours, I answer a question from Kim, who wonders if there’s a way to dress to make people stop commenting on physical features

Finally, in the Everyday Style Lecture, I share my 3 Step System for Editing Your Closet like a Pro. Don’t throw everything you own in a pile on your bed before you listen to this! We cover how to organize your closet, how to know what to keep, and what to toss, AND what to do with clothes that don’t fit!

Links and resources from the show:

For a Fall Capsule Preview, head to Pinterest

File folding, not pile folding, is crucial to actually wearing what’s in your drawers.

My favorite folding rack for guests, parties…and especially editing your closet!

Marie Kondo’s take on gifts that don’t “spark joy”

Got stuff to part with?  Ebay, Poshmark, Mercari, Tradesy, and ThredUp are all good options. How much effort they are, and how much you’ll get back for your things will vary widely.  For designer pieces, check out  sites like the Real Real. Local consignment/thrift shops are a good place to try as well, as is Facebook Marketplace which is growing all the time.

Use code EVERYDAY15 at holdinghangers.com to take 15% off of your purchase. Seriously, they’re worth every penny!

Ditch the drycleaner hangers and plastic tubes for Velvet Slimline Hangers.  The light color makes your closet look a little more upscale, too!

Banish your dark closet corners with puck lights, like this.

A simple hook can help you look more stylish, feel less stress in the morning, and use more of what you already have in your closet. Picking out your outfit the night before is the easiest way to boost your style.

Join the Everyday Style Lounge to continue the conversation.

Get on the waiting lihttp://bit.ly/everydaystylest for the Fall Capsule Wardrobe Guide–and get a FREE mini capsule guide while you wait!

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