Great style comes from a great closet.

The Ultimate Closet Makeover is the exact system I’ve used with hundreds of clients to help them cut through the clutter in their closets, get organized for good…and make getting dressed easy.


Your Closet Is a Mess

It’s a struggle just to FIND something to wear each day. Your clothes are sliding off of their hangers, and your piles end up on the floor. You know you bought a black cardigan, but you have no clue where it could be. You dread opening those doors every morning.

Getting Dressed is Hard

Nothing fits or looks right–and the things that do leave you bored and underwhelmed. You don’t feel like you should go shopping, because your closet is packed already, and besides, you’ve tried that, and it didn’t fix the problem. You wish you could be one of those women who’s ready for anything (and always looks amazing), rather than being the woman having regular wardrobe meltdowns. Invitations lead to a “what am I going to wear?” panic, and an emergency shopping trip.

And so, you end up wearing the same 10 outfits on repeat, ignoring 90% of your wardrobe, and you’ve convinced yourself that you’re just not that stylish.

You’ve spent hours on Instagram and Pinterest, trying to figure it out. You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on Stitch Fix and online shopping sprees trying to solve the “what to wear” dilemma.

But all the hours and dollars don’t add up to a wardrobe you love, which makes you doubt your ability to be one of those stylish, ready-for-anything women.

Can I share a secret with you?

Most women I know are making one HUGE mistake when it comes to their wardrobes.

They’re trying to solve the wrong problem first. They jump straight to shopping and buying before they’ve spent time getting clear on what they have, what they want, and what they need.

As soon as they make that mistake–again–they add to their closet full of nothing to wear, causing more stress and confusion each time they go shopping.

It’s time to solve the right problem.

You can get dressed easily, and stylishly, every single day–and it starts with getting your closet in order.

Imagine how it would feel to have a beautiful, organized closet filled with clothes you LOVE, and can actually WEAR.

What would be different if you could…

Feel joy, instead of dread, when you opened your closet doors.

Be less stressed each morning.

Wear more of what you already own.

Say “yes” to invitations without worrying about what to wear.

Stop wasting money buying things you don’t like, don’t need, and don’t wear.

Stop wasting time trying on outfit after outfit–or searching for that lost black sweater

Get dressed super fast–and LOVE the results.


You can’t have great style if you can’t find it.

The Ultimate Closet Makeover is the fastest way to cut through the clutter, discover the gems you already have, and get organized for good.


  • Most classes teach you how to edit your wardrobe -OR- how to organize your closet. The Ultimate Closet Makeover teaches you to do both. Getting rid of what isn’t working in your wardrobe, and organizing your closet go hand-in-hand. Doing one without the other will land you right back into a closet full of nothing to wear.
  • Most experts recommend emptying the contents of your closet onto your bed, and tackling it all in one day. We believe that’s a recipe for sleeping on the floor for a week. Instead, we break the tasks down into manageable chunks that won’t overwhelm you. What you need is small actions that add up to a big win.
  • Most style advice is about what you should add to your wardrobe. We know great style is as much about what you take out of your wardrobe, as what you put in. Have you ever watched HGTV? Before they start to decorate a house, they get rid of what isn’t working. Most women skip “demo day” in their closets–which is like adding a layer of paint over peeling wallpaper. It might solve the problem for a while, but in the long run, you’ll wish you spent the time to do the job right.

In This Class, You’ll Learn…

The exact 3-step process I use to help my clients edit their wardrobes and organize their closets.

How to decide what to keep and what to let go of.

How to organize your wardrobe so that it’s easy to get dressed each day.

Simple upgrades that make any closet more Pinterest-worthy.

How to make the most of your closet space.

Here’s What You Get In the Ultimate Closet Makeover

Inside The Video Modules

1-Get Started

Before you dive in, you’ll set your goals, gather your supplies, and learn WHY a well-edited wardrobe and well-organized closet are so important.

2- Edit Your Wardrobe

Module 2 helps you break the daunting task of going through your wardrobe into bite-sized manageable tasks. You’ll learn how to make good decisions and get over FOTO (fear of throwing out).

3- Organize Your Closet

In this module, you’ll learn how to create a closet that makes it easy to get dressed, and how to maximize your space. Plus, I’ll show you simple upgrades, and what to consider when re-doing your closet. 


Hey There!

I’m Jen!

I’m a wardrobe stylist for real women who want to make style easy.

After working with thousands of women, I know that the biggest obstacle most women face is a closet full of clothes that don’t fit, flatter, or make you feel good.

Cleaning out your closet is the first step to easy style, and stress-free mornings, but it can be a daunting task. That’s why I’ve created this class to walk you through the exact process I’ve used in hundreds of closets.

I want to help you be successful by showing you exactly how to make the process easy, without breaking a sweat!

You Have Questions. I Have Answers!

A: That’s up to you! The class breaks down the entire process into short tasks, but you can do a few each day if you want to get it done quickly, or do one task per day if you want a low-key approach. Our schedule breaks the wardrobe editing portion into 10 tasks, and you could easily do phase 1 in under an hour. Of course, a lot of it depends on how many clothes you have. 

A: This class will teach you how to identify holes in your wardrobe, and the workbook includes a printable shopping list where you can keep track of what you need while you’re going through the process.

A: In my career, I’ve worked with clients with a dozen items, and some with thousands. The process is absolutely the same, and I have yet to find the closet that can’t be improved with this system.

A: Absolutely you can. But here’s what I know after years of doing this: Most women don’t know where to start. They have good intentions, but fall into the “maybe I’ll wear this someday” trap, and after getting rid of 5 things, they wonder why getting dressed isn’t any easier. This class teaches you where to start, and how to make decisions, so that you’re successful. Believe it or not, this is NOT an easy DIY project.

A: Truth time–very few people have the kind of closet we dream of. Most of us have small closets, awkward spaces, or, actually share closet space with another human. This class teaches you how to create a more Pinterest worthy closet, no matter what your situation.

A: I’m not a minimalist, either–let’s be friends! I never want you to get rid of things before you’re ready, and I teach you HOW to make good decisions about what to keep or let go of. In the end, you should only get rid of the things you know don’t serve you anymore, and I’ll help you figure that out.  

Great Style Starts Here!

For less than the cost of a sweater you can make getting dressed easier than you ever imagined.
Don’t waste more time and money solving the wrong problem…get The Ultimate Closet Makeover now!

The Ultimate Closet Makeover