The Truth About Trends

In this Episode, Lessons From Linda shares the story of a Linda who discovered her part-time life was really her full-time life, which cleared up why she never had anything to wear!

Shawl Collar is our Word of the Week–get ready for jacket and cardigan season by knowing if this is one you should look for, or avoid!

In Philosophy, I share one of my favorite quotes from designer Tom Ford that reminds us there’s more than one kind of comfort.

Finally, in the Everyday Style Lecture, we discuss the truth about trends. What do you really mean when you say the word “trend”? I share some tips for figuring out if a trend is going to be here today, and gone tomorrow, or if it’s going to stick around for a while. Plus–is it possible to build a trend-proof wardrobe? Tune in to find out!

Links and resources from the show:

if you’re not sure what a shawl collar looks like, here are a whole bunch under $50

Innovators, early adopters, early majority what? 

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