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What time is it? It’s winter trend time, the temperatures might be dropping, but your style will be heating up with these 10 Mostly wearable trends for the season. Let’s get started

Hello, gorgeous. Welcome back to the everyday style school, the podcast that gives real lifestyle advice to real life women. If you’re new here, welcome. I’m your host, Jennifer Mackay, Mary. I’m a wardrobe stylist who’s been dressing everyday women for over 20 years. And I’m the founder of everyday style, where we’re on a mission to inspire women to love the way they look and give you the tools to make getting dressed easy. If you’re a longtime listener, welcome back. I’m so thankful to have you on this audio style journey with me. Well, friends, here we are, again, a new season is underway. And while it’s not one of fashions, big trend seasons, those spots obviously belong to fall in spring. I am actually a huge fan of winter trends and winter clothes in general. Maybe it’s because I live in a place that experiences winter for a good chunk of the year. But I also just love texture and layers and the richness that winter brings. I also think it’s a lot easier to look stylish in the winter, it’s a heck of a lot easier to be stylish when you can add more layers, right rather than how can I look good with basically nothing on so today, I’m going to share 10 trends for the season that you can use to look current and boost your spirits while the days are cold and short. Winter from a perspective of putting this episode together is a little bit of a challenge because so many of the trends are really holdovers from fall. And in the interest of giving you good value, I always want to bring you new information. So if you haven’t head back and listen to episode 171 10, wearable fall trends, we will link it in the show notes. All of those are still going strong. So if they still fit your weather, and they fit your style, keep doing them. But I wanted to bring you new things today. And there aren’t a lot of really big new trends for winter. This episode almost became eight wearable trends for winter 2023. But there’s one I love so much that even if it’s not super wearable, that’s the mostly wearable part, it deserves a mention. And then there’s one I want to talk about because while you probably never stopped wearing this, I want to talk about how to make it look on trend and current. Before we talk about the trends though, we are just a week away from the release of our winter capsule wardrobe Guide, which is coming out December 7. So if you’re listening to this episode that day of the release two weeks from today, you’re going to see some of the trends that we’re talking about today in the guide, as well as lots of pieces that we used in the past. Our goal is to help you use what you probably already have. And then work in a few new on trend pieces each season so that you stay looking current without having to reinvent your wardrobe every three months. The only way to get the capsule guide is within the style circle membership. That means you get the capsule guide, you get the link database, you get all of our master classes, you get the challenges the community the extra credit podcast, and lots more style resources to help you love the way you look and get dressed easily every single morning. So come join the style circle for the capsule wardrobe guides. I know that’s why everyone joins, but stay for all the goodies that you never knew you really needed. I cannot wait to meet you in the community, head over to the shownotes and come join us. Alright, speaking of shownotes if you head over to our website for the show notes for this episode, you can find examples and shopping pics for all the trends we’re talking about today in lots of different price points and size ranges from whatever platform you’re listening on. Just click the link that says For more resources, or you can just head over to our website, your everyday And you can start shopping the trends. Alright, let’s talk about the trends. Just a reminder, this is not a recap of all the trends out there. I like to talk about the ones that I think are wearable for most women in our regular everyday lives. Will all of them work for you. No will you like all of them probably not. Take what works for you and leave the rest. Remember it’s perfectly okay not to like a trend, but it’s not okay not to like anything new. That is a one way ticket to a style rut. And by now you are an expert in style ruts if you’ve been listening to the show lately, so look for trends or look for elements of trends that you do like and build on those. There is something for everyone on this list. With all of that said in no particular order. Here are 10 trends for winter 2023 that regular everyday women can work into their regular everyday wardrobes. Trend number one is belted coats. belts in general are kind of having a moment. As I’ve been shopping over these past few months, I’ve seen more actual belts in actual stores than I have in years. And these aren’t just brown or black Jean belts you can always see those. We are seeing OB belt and chain belts and wide waist belts. We’re seeing skinny belts worn in both trousers and jeans like it doesn’t have to fit the whole belt loop. It’s just kind of the year of the belt. And you know what it makes sense as we’ve seen all of these oversized voluminous pieces. We kind of have this natural desire to rein in the volume and give shape back to our outfits and actually show that we have a shape under there and it is no different in coats. For quite a few seasons. The straight oversized boyfriend coat has been the silhouette, but the pendulum has swung a little bit and now belted coats look the most current. Obviously belted coats never went anywhere but they just weren’t as dominant. However, what is looking most current is a short belted coat which you would technically call a jacket but a short belted coat or jacket. If you’ve got a waist that you would like to define, this is the outerwear season for you. If you don’t need a belt over a bulky coat and lots of layers, if that would just be really as unflattering for you as it would be for me just keep wearing your unbelted version. Turn number two is one of the big colors of the season and that gray yep Gray, charcoal to be specific but really any shade of gray is looking very chic, very current at the moment. Again, just like a black trend that I’ve been talking about for the last couple of seasons. This doesn’t really work if you just wear an old gray sweater with your old blue jeans, try wearing gray with intention head to toe all different shades. I guarantee it will make this somewhat lackluster color let’s be honest, look really, really fresh. I also think gray is a good one. When it comes to what I like to call a twofer trend. That is when you combine two trends into one piece. It just kind of punches up the trend factor. For example if you want to try a short belted coat, pick one up in gray or if you are looking for the slouchy relaxed trousers that are still trending from Fall instead of black get a charcoal pair.

Trend number three goes really really well with gray and I think my cooltone sisters are going to love this one and that is silver, silver shoes silver jewelry, silver pants, silver is a huge trend for winter. I love this one because a metallic is such a great way to bring a festive touch to your wardrobe. But unlike buying a holiday themed sweater, you can wear this one again and again and again. I don’t know if you guys saw but a few weeks ago I shared an Instagram reel he and go check it out. I’ll link in the show notes. And I showed six ways to style silver jeans. And I think Did I joke around with you guys that I was inspired to buy my own outfits and I did I got the silver jeans I got a gray sweater and I did get the long gray coat. I get a million compliments every time I wear those jeans. And I’ll tell you they’re just as easy to style as regular denim they go with so much. So if you are looking for something bold, try a pair of silver pants I’ve seen the coated ones I’ve seen metallic ones. I’ve also seen lots of silver leather. Again, that’s a twofer trend. But if you’re not quite ready for that, try silver shoes or a handbag. Or if you want to be even more subtle about it, just go for silver jewelry. Gold has been trending for so long, that even a little bit of silver will feel new and fresh. Like I said my cooltone sisters this season is for you. You have waited out the gold tsunami that has been hanging around for the last few years. So good job stuck up while you can. Trend number four is wide sleeves. In the fall, we talked about elevated basics, which is still going strong. Another trend that’s still out there. And I said a good way to elevate these super simple basic pieces is to look for something that have just done a little little something extra like an interesting cut or a little bit of a detail. This is a great example of that. Wide sleeves right now are coming in two varieties. First of all, there’s the balloon sleeve where the volume is more on the arm, but it’s fitted at the wrist. And the other kind is a flared sleeve, which are typically either more fitted through the upper arm and then get wider at the bottom or they just stay wide all the way down. The point is they don’t get fitted at the wrist. I have even seen some of those Bell sleeves that were so popular a few years ago. Do you remember these? The ones that like dragged in your food as you were trying to eat? I really hope we’re not going back there but there’s some out there. So to me a wide sleeve tee or sweater that fits you everywhere else is the perfect example of this elevated basic. It’s just something to make it interesting. There’s a reformation T I’ll link to in the shopping Eggs for this episode. That is the perfect example. And details like this are what make jeans and a T shirt look like an outfit instead of just like you put on boring jeans and a T shirt. It’s these little details and wide sleeves are a great way to do that. I do have a caveat about this one though. oversize to long sleeves are a really great way to front pacify your look. And I know not one of you listening wants to look frumpy. So you gotta approach this trend with a little caution. If I was doing this trend to which I will be, I would look for sleeves that end either right at or right above the wrist bound you want to be showing a little bit more of your hands, you want to be shown a little bit more skin. If I found a piece I loved, I would even have it tailored, like that’s how much this matters when you wear sleeves that are too big and too long. You look like you’re playing dress up in your mom’s clothes. Another option is to try petite sizing and remember just to size up so if you were medium in regular Mrs sizing, you want to go to a large and petite but that might help get a little bit of that arm lengthen arm volume out of there. For tall rectangles, extended sleeve lengths work really really well and this is why they look so pretty on the internet and they look so pretty on models you’re like Oh, I’m gonna look like that. And then you put it on you’re like No, I don’t look at all like that. It’s because this thing this extended sleeve length works really well on tall rectangles and pretty much no one else. So that’s why models look good and you don’t it’s just it’s a tricky, tricky thing. So watch the length. Trend number five and this is my unwearable pick of the season is sequence. The fashion the powers that be are pushing this one as sequence for daytime. Just like wear them to the grocery store where I’m to drop your kids off at school wear them you know to brunch with your friends or a work meeting whatever it is. And look, I am all about being a little extra. But I just don’t think most people are doing that. Or frankly that they even want to do that. If you are a style circle member you got our little gift to you last week it’s a holiday outfit guide with shopping links. And we showed you how to dress sequins up and we showed you how to dress them down. But you know if you’re not wearing a sequined mini skirt to the grocery store, don’t don’t beat yourself up over it. I just I haven’t seen this one really applied to regular everyday women. But I wanted to include it because I think this is another one just like silver that you can use in your festival looks but it isn’t as one note as a holiday themed sweater. I have loved having a pair of sequined pants in my wardrobe the last couple of years that I can just grab whenever I need to feel a little special or a little extra. And one tip I would give for buying sequined items that you want a little bit more versatility from is to avoid Black Black is already dressy. sequins are already dressy. The combination is a little too evening or a little too black tie to be super versatile. Try charcoal or another neutral. Instead, my pants are bronze, and they look so good with cream which really dresses them down. They look good with black which dresses them up a little bit. But I have to say I’ve gotten more aware out of them then than I thought I would. Trend number six is the pattern of the season. And that’s polka dots. You know, it’s funny, I feel like I talked about polka dots in another trend episode, but I can’t find it. So either it was a few seasons ago or I’m having some podcast deja vu, I don’t know. But here we are talking about polka dots again, and I still feel like I thought I hated this one. It’s just not a pattern that I’ve ever gravitated towards. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with polka dots. It’s just not my personal style. But in researching this episode, I found a few pieces. I was like, Oh, I don’t know, maybe I could probably do that. So you know polka dots pattern is just incredibly personal. If you like polka dots wear them if you don’t skip them. What I did find in this last round of research is that the less contrast between the two colors the more I liked them. And I liked small around polka dots but not the superduper tiny ones better than I like big giant dots. So for me black and white is out Irene gray might be in we’ll see. I don’t know that I’m going to commit to this one. But I’m open I’m open. Point being there are lots of ways to interpret a trend and you never know you might find one that speaks to you. And if you think polka dots are really cute but they’re not really you. I even found a cute dog sweater you can buy and I will put that in the show notes too. Your pup can be on trend. Trend number seven is rushing, draping wrapping. All those Grecian inspired details are cropping up on dresses and tops everywhere this season. I think a lot of you are going to love this one and I want to encourage you to try it. Why is that? Because these styles are great for highlighting or enhancing curves and for hiding a little fluff shall we say in the midsection? And one of the biggest questions I get asked Are things women struggle with is from our glasses or other curvy women who want to show their curves so they don’t look boxy, their work, not mine, but who also want to conceal some stuff in the mid area. These little folds of fabric are freaking magic. When I first started my business, I was working with a lot of postpartum moms, you know, so we have some stuff we want to hide. And Nordstrom was selling this V neck t shirt that had routing through the middle. They were such a hit. My clients were absolutely nuts for them, because they were incredibly flattering. They showed the shape, but hid the stuff. So if that’s your goal, I want you to try this one. These styles are also really good if you want to create shape or create movement or curves on your body. If you have taken our dress your body shape class in the membership, you know that lines are one of the most important principles for dressing your shape. You can use them to your advantage, they can work for you, they can work against you. You just have to choose the right ones and know where to put them and what kinds but fortunately, there are tons of options in this flattering trend for everyone out there that can help you reach your body shape goals.

Trend number eight is another color and you know I love a color trend. Winter 2023 is officially in its midnights era for you Swifties because Navy is everywhere between the silver and the sequins and the Navy. It’s a whole vibe if you are going to a concert soon I guess you’d have to be in like South America or Japan but if you are, this is a good time to do a Midnight’s outfit. Anyway I’m loving loving Navy for winter. For those of us for whom Black isn’t best. Navy is a great option. It’s just a little bit softer, a little bit kinder to a lot of different complexions and colorings. In our capsule wardrobe guides we’ve traditionally used Navy as a neutral for spring and summer and black for fall and winter. Because to be completely frank Navy has traditionally looked a little matronly in colder weather pieces. And then there’s the shoe dilemma. Until very recently Navy shoes have been the definition of frumpy you would find like a cute pair here and there but nothing that I could in good conscious put in a capsule guide. However, a quick shopping search tells me that the times they are changing, I wouldn’t say stylish Navy shoes are everywhere but there are some really good options out there. Of course you can wear black with your navy so if you just have black shoes, wear it with your navy, it’s fine. Navy and black is actually a color combo that I love. I think it looks super chic. I bought a navy silk miniskirt and a navy cashmere sweater from quince. And I’ve been wearing them with black tights and black booties and I have yet to be issued a fashion violation from everyone. Most people are like Oh, I love that. So if I can do it, you can do it too. But in my research quote unquote because let’s face it, it’s a Google search. I have been tempted to add some Navy boots to the collection. We’ll see just with gray if you really want to make a statement with this one with this been around forever neutral. Just go head to toe or wear it in a bigger statement like a coat or a dress or something more than just your old standby. Trend number nine and I kind of feel like this one is a cop out because it’s a bit like florals for spraying menswear for fall. But it’s texture texture for winter. We talked about corduroy in the fall another one yep still they’re still going strong. Of course Velvet is in the stores it is every holiday. In the fall we started to see some blue clay in sort of these Chanel inspired lady jackets. And that has gotten even bigger lots of book like coats out there which I actually love because they’re surprisingly warm without being bulky. Also we’re seeing tons of shearling are Sherpa and if you’re wondering what the difference is synthetic shearling is called Sherpa. So if you buy real Ugg boots you’re getting a shearling boot if you buy the Amazon dream pair dupes. No hate. I’m a big fan. But those are technically Sherpa. Do I trust that stores use the correct terminology? Absolutely not. But at least you know what the words mean. Whatever you call it, it’s everywhere. Coats pullovers, boots, handbags. And can we talk about Sherpa handbags for a minute? These crop up every couple of years and I kind of feel like it’s that scene and Mean Girls if you know that movie, where Gretchen is trying to get the word fetch to catch on and Regina George finally says, Stop trying to make fetch happen. This is how I feel about shearling or Sherpa bags. I don’t know maybe this is the year they break through to the masses and everyone is carrying them but there’s a whole lot of them out there and there have been for years and yet I’ve never seen anyone carrying one never. Maybe you have maybe I’m just in the wrong place. I don’t know back to my original point texture is big this winter, even eyelash sweaters which I haven’t seen a lot of unless the winters are back big time, so is faux fur, which in my world don’t call it a comeback because it never left the trendiest version of the faux fur or the bright Shaggy, muddy faux fur jackets and coats. Those did leave for a minute, those were not the thing, but now they are the thing. But there are also tons of more subdued faux fur jackets out there too. I love having a faux fur option when I want to dress up a little bit, but not look too serious. I’ve gotten a lot more wear out of my faux fur coat than I originally thought it would get. So it’s been a good purchase. Alright, let’s finish up with number 10 Trend number 10. Leggings. Leggings are a trend for winter 2023. Now, if you’re like wait, that’s like saying jeans or a trend or shirts or a trend, girl, I’m with you. I almost didn’t include this one because it seems just too obvious. Like we all wear leggings that well it’s what we wear, but I think it’s worth a little chat. And here are my thoughts on leggings as a trend. This is a situation where you need to be intentional to make things you’ve had in your wardrobe for ages look fresh and current. I know I’ve used that word a lot, but let’s talk about what it really means. I think a lot of women approach being current or on trend as like a waist up situation. Like if I just buy a sweater in the trending color I look current or if I just wear the sweater I have in the trending color. I’ll look on trend. And yes, that will absolutely help. We saw our women in the style circle looking super fresh and current in their red this fall head over to Instagram by the way, check out the reel we did about it. But just like in order to look really dated, you need to wear dated items in a dated way. In order to look current you need to wear current items in a current way. So throwing your leggings on in the morning with a 5k race shirt is not a trendy outfit, pairing leggings with a cropped sweatshirt, retro sneakers and slouchy socks. That is a trending outfit. Pairing leggings with a cowl neck tunic sweater is not a trending outfit. Pairing leggings with an oversized eyelash sweater is a trendy look. I’m not saying that because I feel like you should throw out everything you own and start fresh every single season. I don’t want you to do that whatsoever. By all means wear what you love, wear what makes you happy, use what you have. But keep in mind that the overall styling matters just as much of the piece. So if you want to look on trend, you have to consider the whole look not just one item and not just the top. So there you have it 10 wearable trends for winter 2023. I hope this episode has given you some insight into what’s big this season, and giving you some practical tips for making it easy to keep your wardrobe looking fresh and current. Remember to take the advice that works for you and leave the rest. The most important thing is that you have fun with style and feel great and whatever you wear. As always, I encourage you to keep your wardrobe updated with a couple of fresh pieces each season. When you update consistently. You never have that moment when you realize everything you own is out of date and you really do have to start from scratch. The easiest way to avoid that is just to update consistently. The winter capsule wardrobe guide comes out next week December 7, and you can get it inside the style circle. So head to the show notes join us so you can build an effortlessly stylish wardrobe for this and every other season. Plus, you will get access to our members only podcast the everyday style school extra credit. As I was putting together this show, I found five more smaller trends that deserve a mention. And I will be sharing them over there in the extra credit episodes. These are five things that may not have been runway trends, but they’re actually huge in stores right now, you won’t want to miss that one. Don’t forget to head to the show notes on our website for links to everything we talked about today. And while you’re there, sign up to get our free mini capsule wardrobe guide that shows you how to make a month of outfits out of just 10 pieces. It’s just a little taste of what we do every season. I’ll see you next time and until then, remember your everyday matters. So get dressed for it. And that’s a wrap. Thank you for listening today. If you’re loving the everyday style school podcast, I’d like to invite you to become a member of the style circle. It’s our monthly all access membership that gives you everything we create to make style easy so you can save time and money have easier mornings and more confidence all day long. You get our seasonal capsule wardrobe guides all of the master classes we offer and our exclusive members only podcast, the everyday style school extra credit. Plus, you’re invited to the Facebook community where you can get even more style support and inspiration. I would love to get to know you and support your style journey. It’s just $19 a month less than the cost of a clearance shirt. You’re never going to wear come join me and make your everyday style easier

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