"It’s not about the dress you wear, but the life you live in the dress that matters."

Diana Vreeland said it best. We agree. We created virtual styling sessions because the kind of life you live truly does matter.

When you love the way you look, you do life differently.

You do life confidently. You do life joyfully.

But when you are insecure, embarrassed, or simply frustrated by your clothes, the way you do life is affected by that.

When you don’t have the pants you need, for the life you want to live, you need to change.

Clothing is a catalyst to get to where you want to go in life.

I believe that wholeheartedly.

When the wardrobe you create fits the body you have for the lifestyle you want, that’s when the tide shifts toward leading a more fulfilling life. 

Not a continuous struggle over what to wear.

Who is a good fit for a virtual styling session?


You're launching a new business

and you need to attract the right kind of clients.


You want to feel capable and CONFIDENT

to interview for that incredible promotion at work.


You just want to feel GOOD AND put together

even if you’re just hanging out at home or meeting up with friends.


You're stressed out and panicking about clothes

because you don’t have the “right” thing to wear for all that you do in life.


You want to make seNse of your closet

It’s overflowing, you keep shopping, and you still have nothing to wear. 

If this is you, think of this as your signal to make a change


60 minute zoom session

an hour of virtual styling via Zoom video.


What will we talk about?

We can use our time for a multitude of things: talking through your goals, determining what you want your style to be, going through your closet, browsing options for pieces online, and the list is literally limitless and customizable to what you need right now.


My expertise

I’ve styled women for almost two decades. Sister, I’ve seen it all and can get to the core of your struggles FAST. 


personalized shopping links

5 personalized shopping links to put together several fabulous outfits so you can rock your interview, rock your business meetings, rock your LIFE, and feel amazing doing it.


Cost: $199

It's time to create a wardrobe you love for the lifestyle you want.

Why wait for tomorrow, next year, when your kids are older, when you get back in shape? You’re alive TODAY. Today is the day to decide you’re worth it.

What Clients are saying about Virtual Styling 

I want to THANK YOU BIG TIME for helping me get the outer image of me lined up with my inner image and skill set. I wholeheartedly believe that my promotion would not be happening had I not enlisted your services.

Melissa C.

I am a busy, active mom. For the past six years, since I left the corporate world, I have been pregnant, nursing, losing weight, gaining weight, and everything in between. My wardrobe was put together in triage mode – a pair of jeans, a swim suit, a dress for a specific occasion. I spend a lot of time running my four kiddos around and just put myself on the back burner. Then, I decided to treat myself for my birthday. BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT. I learned what styles flatter my figure (boy, was I buying the wrong stuff), what styles to admire on others (cause they don’t work on me), what to save on and what to splurge on. In the end, I had a working wardrobe.

I used to panic when my favorite jeans and black shirt were dirty. Now, I have a small group of clothes that mix and match, that all look great, and that have completely changed my morning routine. Added bonus? Jen listens to what you want, guides you to what you need, encourages you to break your routine and fit the body you have, and best of all … she’s incredibly kind and efficient.

Kirstin H.

I am fashion savvy, but spending time with Jennifer I leaned some basic tricks I was missing out on. Jennifer was direct and thoughtful and provided amazing follow up. She prepared me for 10 day business trip in LA where I had to blend in with billionaires, movie stars all working with mostly what I already had. I cannot recommend her service more highly. She talented, creative and understands fashions, trends and where to find things. Thank you so much!!

Melissa S.

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