In this episode, I had the privilege of going behind the scenes with one of my favorite real-life, everyday-style influencers for women over 40, Jo-Lynne Shane. I’m fascinated by the world of style influencers, especially those like Jo-Lynne, who give us attainable, real-life style guidance.

In this conversation, we chat about the hard work that goes into being a creator, and she shares her professional journey, favorite brands, and personal must-have pieces. If you’ve been missing clothing conversations on the podcast during our Summer interview series, then this episode is for you…

Spending time talking with Jo-Lynne was so much fun! I want to thank her again for sharing with us. I hope our conversation inspires you to up-level your everyday style.

In this episode:

  • The difference between stylists and style influencers – and why you should get style inspiration from both
  • Jo-Lynne’s daily life and how frequently she creates content
  • Trends that Jo-Lynne is predicting for Fall
  • Common fashion challenges and mistakes – and how to address them
  • Where Jo-Lynne finds inspiration online

About Jo-Lynne Shane:

Jo-Lynne is a wife and mom of three who has been blogging since 2006. What started as a mommy blog has evolved into an everyday style destination for women over 40. She shares the latest fashion trends, wearable outfits, and practical style tips five days a week on

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Influencers that Jo-Lynne mentioned in this episode include:

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