This week we wrap up our summer series with a conversation I’ve been wanting to have for ages. It’s honestly taken me a long time to get up the courage to ruffle some feathers in service of the greater good. In today’s episode, I’m talking with Emily Paulson about direct sales – also known as network marketing, social selling, and multi-level marketing (MLM).

Although it goes by a few different names, the principles are the same, and we’re going to dig into how this business model really works. After being a completely unsuccessful consultant with 2 MLM companies, my goal with this episode might be to have a little vindication…. 

If you’re in a Direct Sales business, I really want you to hear me when I say that this isn’t about you, the consultant, or about any company in particular. I have an issue with the business model as a whole.

This type of business model has left a negative impression on women in terms of what owning, and growing a business is all about. I sincerely believe that owning your own business is one of the best ways for women to have it all, and it pains me to think women who want to start something of their own hold themselves back because of what they think owning and growing a business is all about. Spoiler, you don’t need tons of friends and family to hire you (they make the worst clients anyway!).

As we get ready to launch the Style Network again, I knew it was time to get over my fear of offending people and talk about this–in hopes that women who do want to start something of their own won’t hold themselves back because they believe they have to follow a business model that doesn’t feel good.

Speaking of which, if you’ve ever thought, “Maybe I could be a wardrobe Stylist” the Style Network training and certification program could be just what you’re looking for. Grab our free guide to 5 Things Every Successful Stylist Needs to Know. That will get you on the list when details come out for our next round. I would love to help you build something real and lasting.

Join me for an enlightening look at multi-level marketing (MLM). I hope you find our conversation entertaining and informative–and if you’ve ever thought about starting your own business, I really hope this episode gives you a fresh perspective. 

Of course, if you’re in a Direct Sales business, and you feel this doesn’t apply to you, great! I’m talking about the MLM model as a whole, and don’t forget, I went down the rabbit hole…twice! But, if you want to DM me and let me know how your situation is different, I’m all ears!

In this episode:

  • What MLMs are and how they’re different from Pyramid Schemes
  • How much money the top earners really make, and what that car actually costs you
  • The ways MLMs exploit women’s needs and pain points and what to watch out for
  • Emily’s best advice for any listeners who are currently involved with an MLM

About Emily Paulson:

Emily is the author of the book Hey, Hun: Sales, Sisterhood, Supremacy, and the Other Lies Behind Multilevel Marketing. 

In her book, she shares the story of how she signed up for the sisterhood, free cars, and the promise of a successful business of her own. After making well over a million dollars at one of the top MLMs, she realized what she really had were burned bridges, broken friendships, and an unsustainable schedule. Now she’s speaking out to spark change and bring a new perspective to the cultural epidemic of MLMs. 

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