Style didn’t come with a handbook, and getting dressed isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve created resources to save you time and money–and most of all, feel confident and stylish! Check out our current Video Classes & Capsule Guides below. There’s something for everyone.

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The Signature Style masterclass will help you discover how you want to look, so you can discover what to buy to make your personal style come alive.  Stop wasting money on clothes you’ll never wear, and create a wardrobe that’s as unique and fabulous as you are. 

In this class you’ll learn:
  • The 3 words that will make your unique style come alive. 
  •  How identify important elements for your Signature Style.
  • Easy outfit formulas that make getting dressed a breeze.
  • How to apply your style to every facet of your life.

The Ultimate Closet Makeover is the fastest way to get rid of what’s not working, discover the gems hiding in your closet, and get organized for good.  We break this daunting task into manageable chunks so you can tackle this project without the overwhelm.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • The 3 step wardrobe-editing process I’ve used with HUNDREDS of clients. 
  • How to organize your closet for maximum time-saving, and style building.
  • How to decide what to keep, and what to toss–without FOTO (fear of throwing out!).
  • Simple upgrades that will make even the smallest closet more Pinterest-worthy.

The Fall 2020 Capsule Guide is the ONLY Capsule out there that shows you how to have one wardrobe that works for all parts of your life. By choosing items that work together, you can have more style, with less stuff.

This Guide Will Show You

  • How to create 1 wardrobe that goes everywhere you do.
  • What you need (pictures of each item)
  • Where to find each piece (database of shopping links)
  • How to put it all together–pictures of how to combine each item. Never wonder “how would I wear that?”





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