Finding Your Best Colors with Jeannie Stith-Mawhinney

Find Your Best Colors

Written by everydaystyle

The Style Circle Circle is Open Again!  

This week, we welcome Color Guru Jeannie Stith-Mawhinney to the show to talk about finding your best colors.

Jeannie Stith-Mawhinney is obsessed with helping real women look and feel amazing in their clothes. She is the founder and CEO of Color Guru, where she helps women create the wardrobe of their dreams by doing a deep dive analysis into their hair, skin, and eye color in order to give them their ideal color palette for clothing.  Jeannie is a wife and mother of two girls in Arden, DE. Her work has been featured on the Design Mom blog, The Spark Joy Podcast, and Philadelphia Style magazine.

in the episode, we chat about how “having your colors done” went out of fashion, but why knowing what colors look best on you is still one of the key components of having great style. We also answer some frequently asked questions about finding your best colors, like how to wear colors that aren’t best for you, and how aging and coloring your hair affect your colors.

To work with Jeannie, click here, and mention everydaystyle when you book to take 10% off of your purchase.  This is one of the best investments you’ll make in your style this year!

Read Jeannie’s blog post Why Discovering Your Best Colors Is The Ultimate Clothing Hack

Want more Color advice? Jeannie is our Guest Expert in the Style Circle this month–where she’ll be doing a Q&A for our members, as well as walking us through her process to find our best colors. If this is an area you struggle with, join the Style Circle now!  You can take 20% off of your first month with code Welcome20

Connect with Jeannie on her website, Facebook, and  Instagram.  Get her Quick Tips Color Guide here. 

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