Ep 73 KonMari Guru Melissa Klug Takes Over

Written by everydaystyle

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Our pal, professional organizer Melissa Klug is back, and she’s taking over!

She’s in charge today, sharing a lesson from one of her Lindas (aka Jen), telling us what Komono is, and sharing what organizing looks like in light of current events. Then she shares her 3 step process for making it easy to organize anything.

Also, I share my secret laundry shame, and Melissa and I agree to be each other’s organ donors. It’s never dull when we’re together!

About Melissa: Melissa Klug is a professional organizer, and one of less than 300 people on the globe certified by Marie Kondo to help clients organize using the KonMari Method. After a 20 year career in multiple Fortune 500 companies, Melissa is using her talents in a different way to help everyday women learn the magic of decluttering, and discovering that organizing your home is the key to a more peaceful, happy life.

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Articles discussed on the show:

Pandemics are exhausting.  

Coronavirus and your brain Part 1

Coronavirus and your brain Part 2

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