Create a Wardrobe for a Changing Body

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Building a wardrobe you love can be challenging enough, but creating a wardrobe for a body that’s changing can be almost impossible.  This week, I share my top tips for creating an in-between wardrobe that will keep you looking and feeling fabulous, without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re experiencing body changes because of pregnancy, weight gain or loss, or hormonal shifts, it’s really tough to know what to buy, what to toss, and how to build a wardrobe that will change with you.

We all want the styles and silhouettes that we can wear during pregnancy and postpartum phases, and through a 30-pound weight gain or loss. After all, constantly replacing your wardrobe is expensive and exhausting!  Sadly, there aren’t a ton of styles that can do that, and still look good.  Instead, learn how to shop smart when you’re creating a wardrobe meant to bridge the gap between sizes or phases.

Our Capsule Wardrobe Guides are a great way to see how to create a small, mix and match wardrobe that will have you feeling great during the awkward in-between times.. The Summer 2021 Capsule Guide is available now!

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Listen to The Basics of Proper Fit to discover when your clothes simply need to be retired.

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