Becoming an Optimist with Karla Smith

Written by everydaystyle

This week, we welcome Optimism Expert Karla Smith to the show to talk about becoming an optimist.

You know those people who always seem to look on the bright side? The ones who can find the silver lining in any cloud? Well, I’m not one of them. Not naturally anyway. But I’d like to be one of those people, and maybe you do to.

Karla joins The Everyday Style School to talk about what optimism is, and what it isn’t, and shares tips with us for turning up our optimism dials–even when we’re not feeling it!

She talks us through the daily practices she used to transform her own life from a struggling single mom, to a joy-filled, happily-married Optimism Expert. Karla says if she can do it, you can to!

Karla Smith is a Personal Transformational Coach, Speaker, Writer, and Optimism Expert dedicated to guiding people to courageously choose to live a life of their own creation. She believes that we all have great vision for our lives but often we are in our own way. Her mission is to help as many people create a new approach to embracing change, so they feel capable and equipped to face life with confidence, optimism, and joy.

Plus, I’m super excited to announce that we’ll be starting to certify stylists to join the Everyday Style Network this September!  If you have an eye for style, a heart for serving women, and the desire to build a successful styling business, click here to get on the interest list.  If you’ve ever thought “I’d like to be a stylist!”, you owe it to yourself to find out if this is right for you!

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