Today we’re joined by Katy Wells, host of The Maximized Minimalist podcast.

I was lucky to be interviewed for Katy’s podcast, and we had so much fun chatting that we decided to keep the conversation going for this show, but change our topic to Swedish Death Cleaning!

Sounds morbid, doesn’t it? At its core, Swedish Death Cleaning is all about being mindful about your possessions, which doesn’t sound quite as dark.

We also talk about not making your clutter other peoples’ problems and saying no to unwanted donations

You also get a look into the way I grew up. Spoiler alert: I didn’t know Swedish Death Cleaning needed a special name, and that not everyone lived this way!

Katy Wells is a decluttering expert and host of a Top-100 Podcast, The Maximized Minimalist. Her goal is to help women simplify their life and trade stress and overwhelm for peace and joy so that they can focus on what matters most.

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