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This week, we’re talking about the major trends for Spring 2021, and how you can work them into your real-woman wardrobe

We’re covering the colors and patterns that will be big this season as well as a few styles you’ll be seeing in stores. Plus, the 90’s are back, and I’m sharing how to wear the looks without looking like you did in high school!

We’re also answering a listener question from Amy, who’s struggling with storing accessories. I share my best tips and tricks for dealing with that drawer of scarves you never weaR.

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Welcome back!  Today we’re talking about Spring trends, and I’m kind of shocked that it actually feels like spring here today. Normally, early march in Minnesota is most definitely winter, but today, it feels like spring, and it’s got me in the right mindset!  I’m going to share 5 things all the cool girls will be wearing this season, and how you can work them into your real women wardrobe. 

Before we get to that though,  let’s answer a Listener question

Today’s question comes from Amy who wrote and said, “I just went through the Ultimate Closet Makeover class, and loved it. I got rid of so much stuff I wasn’t wearing, and now I love my wardrobe. I also love how organized and neat my closet looks, but I’m still struggling with accessories, especially jewelry. Do you have any tips on organizing and storing them? Thanks!”

Great question Amy, and I do indeed have some tips for you, but like any organization and storage question, the answer largely depends on your space and preferences. It’s like people asking if they should hang or fold. My answer is always, if you have room, hang. But if you don’t, folding works too. So take these tips and make what you can fit your space.

When it comes to accessories, I’m a big believer in out of sight, out of mind. I used to put in my pre-service instructions to my closet edit clients that they should pull out all their accessories, even that drawer of scarves they hadn’t touched in years.  How did I know they had that drawer? Most women do, and most women admit they too, hadn’t touched them in years. 

Now it probably isn’t feasible for you to have every accessory you own stored in plain view, but it does mean that when you start stacking things, or leaving them in boxes, the odds they’ll be used go down drastically.

For things like scarves and belts, I do recommend those space saving accessory hangers, because you’re a lot more likely to add a scarf or belt, if you see it hanging with your clothes. 

But for things like jewelry,  you’ll need a different solution. Luckily there are a lot of jewelry organizers out there–the trick is finding one that suits your needs.

First, take a note of what YOUR jewelry collection looks like. For example, if you don’t wear rings, you don’t need a jewelry box or armoire that has a big section dedicated to storing rings. That’s wasted space. Also, if you wear large, mostly french  hook earrings, make sure the jewelry box or armoire has room for them. Lots of jewelry storage solutions are made for people who wear nothing but tiny stud earrings and short dainty necklaces. If that’s you, the world is your oyster. If it’s not, you’re going to have to be more thoughtful about what you purchase. 

Over the years, I’ve seen lots of clients with dresser top jewelry boxes that are mostly empty because their accessories simply don’t fit. Its a waste of dresser top space, and it doesn’t solve your problem, which is lose-lose in my book, so make sure you find a storage solution that accommodates your style, and your collection. 

In my experience, as a person who has gravitated toward bigger, bolder jewelry in the past, a freestanding, or over the door, mirrored armoire is the only solution to storing the bigger pieces. Dresser top jewelry boxes just don’t have the space.

I’ve also had lots of clients who dedicated a dresser drawer to their accessories, and that works too. In that scenario, your best solution is clear acrylic stacking trays, so you can kind of see what you have. Again, keeping in mind that the more you stack, the less likely you are to wear what’s on the bottom. 

If a premade storage solution isn’t enough for you, use your walls.

For a lot of years, when bigger statement necklaces were more my style, and I was doing more on-stage events that required bolder jewelry to stand out, I hung vintage door knobs on my wall and made a necklace wall. It was really easy to see what I had, it kept them all from getting tangled and messed up, and it even looked cute. I’ve also seen some wall earring holders made from chicken coop wire, or mesh and a pretty picture frame.  

If you want to be technical about it, this isn’t the best way to store jewelry, in terms of taking care of your accessories. When you keep jewelry enclosed in a box or an armoire, it stays in better condition. The humidity of a room doesn’t have as much of an affect, so your pieces are less likely to tarnish. The velvet of most jewelry boxes keeps your pieces from being scratched…I get it. And what I would say about that is, yes, in a perfect world, you should keep your things stored enclosed and protected. But hanging on a wall is a whole lot better than in a jumbled pile in a box, so do the best you can. 

My last bit of advice is to edit your accessory collection often. You’ll never wear accessories you don’t love, so every year, or every season, don’t forget to give your jewelry box or wall, a once over looking for things that are broken, in bad condition, out of date, or no longer your style.  The less you have, the less you have to store, and the easier it is to manage, and wear, your collection.

Hope that helps Amy and when we come back, we’re going to talk about spring trends!

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And now back to the show!

Before we get into what the trends are this season, I want to talk about trends in general. If you haven’t listened to episode 13, The Truth about Trends, its a good one to check out, because I still have women asking if they should buy things, or will they be “out” next season, and this is a mindset that’s got to change, because trends have changed. Women are making decisions about whether or not to buy things using outdated thinking and concerns, and often, not having fun with fashion, or trying new things because of it.

Contrary to popular belief, trends move slowly. I want to challenge you to name something you bought, or even wore, last year that is completely out of style today. How about 5 years ago. I’m guessing you have to go back at least that far to think of things that look completely dated today. Five years ago, I was wearing knee high riding boots constantly. Today, they look dated to me. Does that mean they’re completely out of style and you can’t even find them in stores? No, of course not…but they became “trendy” around 2005/2006 ish, and it’s only been the last maybe 3-4 years that they haven’t looked current.  That’s a long time, and not at all the “should I buy these or will they be out next season” thing women are worried about. 

One reason for this is that there’s nothing new under the sun. Today we’re going to talk about the colors that are trending this season, but it isn’t like these are new colors. There are no new colors. The color trends are just colors that are, as I like to say “Having a moment”, so a color can’t really be trendy, do you know what I mean? It’s always going to be there, maybe just not as prevalent.  For a lot of years, especially in the fall and winter, Burgundy was having a moment. I look at past Capsule guides, and there was a lot of burgundy, because I use the colors that are readily available in the stores in my Guides. That has shifted, and the last couple of years, earthy tones have taken over, especially rust. Does that mean that burgundy is “out”? No, you can still find it, and it doesn’t look dated–it just isn’t as prevalent. 

The last point I want to make about trends is that over the last decade or so, trends have become so dilute and diverse that there is literally something for everyone. It drives me nuts when women say they can’t find clothes because the current trends aren’t their style. This is outdated thinking, when in the past, there was one trend, or style, that dominated, and it was difficult to find other things, but that’s SO not the case anymore. Case in point, mock neck tops and drop shoulder sleeves are trending right now, and they both look terrible on me, but you know what, that’s ok, because there are a million tops out there that don’t feature mock necks or drop shoulders. Trends are so dilute now that there aren’t one or two or even 5 big trends, there are a lot of little micro trends, like puff sleeves that I talked about in the fall, or the o ring belts that were big a couple of years ago. 

Trends are also really diverse these days. Even in putting together the Capsule Guides, I have to choose which direction I’m going to go, because there are a few different color stories that are dominating the stores. There are a few different, very diverse, silhouettes and styles that we’re seeing. So there is absolutely something out there for everyone no matter what your style, your size, your age, your lifestyle, whatever–you can find clothes that are current, and even trending.  I think it’s a major cop out when women say they can’t find things because all the trends are terrible. This is a great excuse that keeps women from having to put in effort, or admit they don’t want to make style a priority. I always say that’s a fine answer, just be honest with yourself. And if style is a priority, be willing to work for it. 

If you want to understand trends better, go back and listen to The Truth about Trends, and Are Skinny Jeans still in style. Both of those will be linked in the shownotes and will help you let go of your fears of being trendy, so you can enjoy what’s current.

And what’s current this season? Well, here are 5 things you’ll be seeing in stores this Spring.

First, let’s talk about color. I love color trends because to me, they’re a super easy, non-scary way to update your wardrobe. Just add a top in a color that’s trending to your tried and true jeans, and you instantly look current. And like I’ve said a million times, colors aren’t revolutionary, so they don’t really go out of style.  You can feel pretty safe buying trendy colors you love. 

 Like every season, there are a few color palettes that have popped up to talk about. 

The first, and you got a sneak peek last week if you’re on my email list, is light and brights.  We’re talking pastels and neons. We’re seeing a ton of light lavender, peach and mint as well as neon green and pink, and lots of bright green, tons of pinks in all shades.  This is my favorite trend of the season because it’s fun and really speaks to spring, but also, finally there’s a trend that works for me! Yes, I did just get done telling you that there are things out there for everyone, and it’s true, but it’s also true that sometimes it’s harder to find those things, so when you are gifted a trend that is made for you, and it’s easy to find things, stock up! 

The other color palette we’re seeing in a major way, is completely the opposite. Lots of neutrals,  and washed out warmer colors, like mustard, rust, and, especially a light olive, or mossy green. So this season there really kind of is something for everyone, whether you gravitate toward brighter colors, or a more subdued palette.

As always, if there’s a color palette you love, or want to try–but it doesn’t really love you back, put it on the bottom. From my Capsule Guide link hunting, I know there are lots of lavender flats out there, and plenty of light olive pants—just don’t put the color near your face. And if you don’t know what colors are best for you, reach out to the Color Guru who we had on the show recently. So many of our Style Circle Members have used her services and got clear once and for all what colors work best on them. There’s a link in the shownotes and you can use code everydaystyle to take 10 percent off at checkout. If you’re not sure what colors are best for you, this is an amazing investment in your style, and will do so much for your wardrobe!

But getting back to trends, let’s chat about pattern.  The big pattern trend for Spring 2021 is floral, and I always feel a little unexcited about saying floral for spring is a trend…because it’s floral. And spring. It’s been kind of a trend forever, you know?  But this floral is a little different, so it’s worth talking about.  The floral we’re seeing this season is tiny–also called ditsy floral. Now, I know lots of you have seen the prairie type ditsy floral dresses at Target, or the blogs mocking them, and you wrote the whole thing off.  But hold up a minute. Remember a couple of weeks ago I talked about trend salad versus trend garnish?  Ditsy floral tiered midi dresses is a trend salad. It’s got all the things going on, which makes it a little harder to pull off once you get to be, say it with me–a woman of a certain age. However, in the Capsule guide, we’ve got ditsy floral wrap dresses and shirt dresses–more classic silhouettes featuring a trendier pattern. That is a trend garnish, which makes it look current, but a lot easier to wear. Also, instead of a huge voluminous dress, try a blouse, or a shell under a jacket or cardigan. When there’s less of the pattern, its not so scary, but don’t close your mind to it quite yet.

The other pattern I’m seeing is rugby stripes. The wide stripe pattern that reminds me of my first day of middle school, when I wore my Benetton rugby shirt, with the matching green pants, tight rolled at the ankle. If you’ve ever wondered how old I am, I’m that old. I know some of you listening had that same outfit. 30 some years later, I’ve seen this pattern pop up on dresses, sweaters, headbands, skirts–you name it. This pattern looks super fresh and chic, but a lot of women feel like they can’t wear that. Remember what I said a few episodes ago–the question isn’t “can I wear this” it’s “will I like the way this looks on me”? And if this pattern is something you like, you owe it to yourself to try it and find out. Also, in our Body Shape masterclass, I share how you can use pattern to highlight, enhance, or camouflage body parts, and these patterns are polar opposites when it comes to what they’ll do. So, if you’re a Style Circle member, check that class out. If you’re not, it’s under “Classes and Guides” on our website, and I’ll link to it in the shownotes.

The next trend, which is kind of overarching, is the 90’s.  We’re seeing this in the style of pants and jeans, the comeback of the crewneck cardigan, mini skirts, ruched detail with drawstrings, smocking, square toe strappy sandals, cropped tops and overalls. I know its really scary to revisit trends you’ve already done, and again, I would point out the trend salad versus the trend garnish.  The 90’s version of you probably wore a mini skirt with a crewneck cardigan, over a cropped ruched top, with strappy square toe sandals. The 2020’s version of you can still wear ANY of those things, but maybe not ALL the things, at least, all at once. And maybe there are some you don’t want to revisit. You know I’m a fan of shorter skirts, but I think as a mother of 2, I won’t be revisiting my microminis, and that’s ok. I’ll look for the things I do like and style them in a way my 2021 self feels comfortable in, and leave the trend salad to my middle schooler, who looks adorable in them. 

I mentioned jeans in the 90’s, but I’d like to dig a little deeper into pant shapes in general for our 4th trend. Pants are getting bigger, wider, looser, as we’re seeing barrel leg, tapered leg, wide leg crops, full length’/ full leg trousers, relaxed straight legs, mom jeans, dad jeans, and even more boyfriend jeans have popped up this season. Does this mean you have to bury your skinny jeans in your backyard and have a memorial for them? No, not at all. Fashiony types have been saying for years that skinny jeans were over, and yet, we were all still wearing skinny jeans. And stores are still selling TONS of skinnies. We’ve gotten used to them, and perhaps forgotten that they were a radical thought when they first came out, and now they’re just kind of there. They’re definitely not the most current silhouette, but I doubt the other moms at the soccer game will ostracize you if you wear them.  It’s important that you feel good in what you’re wearing, first and foremost. But, if you want to look more current, add more volume to your bottoms. For some of us this is a welcome departure, for others it’s scary as heck. If you want to dip a toe in the big pants waters, start with straight legs, they’re kind of a baby step. Then try a wider leg crop. The shorter length will balance out the added volume.  Remember, it takes our eyes a while to adjust to new silhouettes after seeing the same ones for a long time, and we’ve been looking at skinnies 

for a LONG time. Also, keep in mind that you may need to adjust the length/volume of your top to work with the added volume of your bottoms. 

The last trend I want to mention is shoulders and sleeves. I went to the Mall of America for the first time in over a year last week, and it was really nice to actually see and touch clothes. It’s so much easier to see trends when you can get a bird’s eye view of lots of stores, rather than looking at each individual website. But one thing I noticed as I was shopping was shoulders and sleeves Big puffy sleeves, little puffy sleeves, ruffled sleeves, bishop sleeves and shoulder pads. Yep, you heard that right, shoulder pads. I probably saw shoulder pads in 4 or 5 stores, and while that doesn’t seem like a lot, it’s enough to tell me what’s coming. And even if the shoulders weren’t padded, we’re seeing lots of sharp, structured shoulders on dresses, tops and jackets. None of these things are good or bad for everyone, but elements like this do have an effect on how your body looks–some effects you’ll like more than others. But you can also use these elements to dress your body best, adding structure and volume to your outfit to balance your body, or create or enhance curves. If you’ve taken the Body Shape masterclass, you know, but you can also do trial and error, paying attention to what effect bigger sleeves, or a structured shoulder has on your shape overall. 

That’s all I’ve got today. I hope this episode has made you excited for spring, and excited about getting dressed–especially if you’ve put style on the back burner for a bit. It’s ok, it happens, but Spring is a great time to reinvigorate yourself and your style. 

Your homework is to look for trends. If you’re walking through Target, or online shopping, see if you can see these 5 things, and notice how different stores are interpreting them. I guarantee you Tabot’s trends look different than H&M’s–but you’ll still see most of these on both websites. Have fun with it!

We’ll be back next week with a fun episode about Swedish Death Cleaning. Until then, keep an eye out for the Spring Capsule Guide featuring these trends, showing you how to wear them in real life. I’ll see you then!

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