The Five Keys of Transformation with Melissa Ronda

Written by everydaystyle

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Good Bye and Good Riddance to 2020!  As we welcome 2021, I’m throwing down a New Year’s Style Challenge.

Forget New Year, New You–there was never anything wrong with the old you!

But, if you’re looking to make big changes this year, we’ve invited transformation coach Melissa Ronda to the show to share 5 keys of successful transformation.

Melissa is a former addict who, at age 35, got a second chance when she dropped her bad habits AND 60 pounds of fat and turned her life around one squat at a time. 🙂 Now, as a thought leader in REAL transformation and host of the top-25 podcast, Bad B*tches Losing Weight, Melissa helps ambitious women own who they are and raise their standards. Admittedly obsessed with supporting women who ‘haven’t had it easy’, she is committed to helping them create extraordinary lives, bodies, and financial freedom by turning their adversity into their biggest asset.

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