Ep 79 Holiday Outfit Ideas for Staying at Home

Written by everydaystyle

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The upcoming holidays are feeling very 2020, if you know what I mean. Whether you’re planning a Thanksgiving dinner with just your immediate family, or your company’s Holiday party has been postponed, chances are, your holiday outfit goals look a little different this year.  In today’s episode, I’m sharing four Holiday Outfit Ideas, perfect for staying home. The holidays are only as special as we make them, so even if you’re not going all out this year, put something on that makes you feel special. It doesn’t have to be super dressy, or uncomfortable, and it’s perfectly ok to swap your heels for house slippers, but don’t give in to the idea that what you wear doesn’t matter, because it does. It changes your mindset and sets the tone for a special day, regardless of things beyond our control. Here are four outfit ideas for 2020 to help you look and feel special.

Fancy Leggings or Joggers and a Basic Sweater

Shop the Look:

Sweatshirt/Sweater Dress

Shop the Look

Matching Lounge Set

Shop the Look:

Ponte Pants & A Festive Top

Shop the look:

Don’t forget the cute slippers and pretty pj’s!


And, for those of you who like to get a little more glam, go for a gorgeous maxi dress!

Whatever you wear, remember to make this year’s holiday season as amazing as ever!

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