Ever wonder how some women just look so effortlessly stylish, while the rest of us struggle to put together cohesive outfits (and maybe slap on a little lipstick)? It’s not perfect bodies or unlimited budgets…it’s these 5 Elements of Style! Women with real style have these 5 things in alignment, and today, I’m going to share what they are!

This week, Lessons from Linda shares one of my most memorable Linda encounters, and why you should but yourself first when dressing for family photos.

“Pointelle” is our Word of the Week, and you’re going to be seeing this knitting technique everywhere in the coming months.

Finally, in Philosophy, I share a quote I came across this week from author Victor LaValle

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Pointelle  pieces under $50.

Listen to the Bodytype Episodes: Body Type Basics  Then, Dressing the… Hourglass Rectangle Apple Pear

Start to determine your best colors

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