Have you been harmed by traditional body shape advice? I think most of us have in one way or another, leaving us feeling confused or dissatisfied with our natural shape. 

The truth is, this type of advice leaves a lot to be desired. Today I dive deep into the flaws in traditional body shape advice and offer a fresh perspective on dressing for your body shape. 

For one thing, traditional body shape advice often focuses solely on flattery. However, it’s crucial to consider how clothing items fit your unique body shape rather than just how they look. Remember, as I’ve said many times before, it’s not you, it’s the pants!

Instead of using body shape advice to hide parts of your body you don’t like, try celebrating the parts you love first. Dressing your body should start from a place of highlighting your best features rather than disguising what you perceive as flaws.

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In this episode:

  • You’ll learn the problem with body shape advice that focuses on flattery and appearance, and why it’s equally important to consider fit for different body shapes.
  • A reminder that dressing your body should start from a place of highlighting your best features rather than disguising what you perceive as flaws.
  • How magazines often generalize body shapes, failing to acknowledge the uniqueness of individual bodies and clothing items.
  • How to experiment with styling to make clothing work for your body shape, as no single item exists in a vacuum.
  • My tribute to the iconic Iris Apfell, who aged joyfully and leaned into style as she got older.

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