Each week, the Everyday Style inbox is inundated with style questions and suggestions for podcast topics.  So today I’m going to answer some of the questions that we receive time and time again, or that address common issues that we can all face.

From finding the perfect white t-shirt to investing in comfortable shoes for tricky feet, we cover a range of topics to help women feel confident and stylish in their everyday lives.

If you have a more specific question that we haven’t covered here, don’t forget that the feedback you get for your personal style issues is just one of the incredible benefits of the Style Circle membership – find out more and join our community. 

In this episode:

  • Where can you find a good quality white t-shirt that will last? Plus, practical advice on caring for it.
  • Do small-busted women need to spend a lot on bras?
  • How to wear colors that don’t suit your skin tone.
  • My advice on choosing shoe styles based on personal preference and comfort rather than trends.
  • The difference between comfortable shoes and comfort shoes, and the importance of understanding your own foot needs.
  • The individual style advice that is available in the Style Circle membership.

Additional Links & Resources from the Episode:

As I mentioned in the show, this summer we are doing a series in the members-only podcast, sharing simple tips to dress your most challenging body parts. The Extra Credit podcast is just one of the incredible benefits of being a Stye Circle member – find out more and join our community, because this is one series you don’t want to miss. 

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