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Wouldn’t you love to go from frustration to JOY in your closet, skip those hectic mornings trying to find something to wear, and never skip another girls night out or date night because you don’t know what to wear? Wouldn’t it be great to know what’s current and how to wear it without looking or feeling silly? If you could discover your personal style at your own pace with expertise at your fingertips you’d want to know more, right? 

Style isn’t about waiting until you have special places to go or special events to attend. REAL STYLE is about loving the way you look in your EVERYDAY life.. whether you’re taking your kids to school, running errands, or meeting your friends or husband for dinner. The truth is, 95% of your life is made up of everyday activities, so stop saving style for special occasions. YOU DESERVE TO LOVE THE WAY YOU LOOK EVERY DAY!

Are you a woman who wants more style in her everyday life? Do you spend your mornings trying outfit after uninspired outfit only to throw on your standby leggings, t-shirt and cardigan again?

Get ready to kiss closet drama goodbye and say hello to getting dressed with ease and style EVERY DAY!


For less than the price of that sweater you never wore, you can join The Style Circle and get FULL ACCESS to all of the style resources you need to go from feeling frumpy and frustrated to stylish and confident, while saving time and money!

Welcome to The Style Circle where you get inspired and learn how to take action and get dressed with ease and FUN!

The Skinny on The Style Circle … 

When you join The Style Circle

  • Personal style advice from me in our monthly Style Chats via Zoom
  • Our most current Capsule Wardrobe Guide before we share it publicly
  • Monthly Outfit Calendars
  • Access to a past Capsule Wardrobe Guide in case you’re experiencing the opposite weather
  • Seasonal wardrobe planners to simplify your life even more 
  • Quarterly Style Challenges
  • The Style Circle members-only community on Facebook where you get questions answered in real time, and style inspiration from real women sharing their everyday style.
  • Monthly Member Style Coaching Session
  • Seasonal Outfit Recipe book showing you how to style what you already have to look fresh and current
  • Our private, member-only podcast The Everyday Style School: Extra Credit
  • Exclusive discounts on 1:1 virtual sessions with me

ALL 5 of our Masterclasses

Signature Style
Dress Your Body Shape Like a Pro
Ultimate Closet Makeover
Denim Masterclass
Everyday Style Challenge



YOURS FOR $27/mo* or $59/quarter

*3 months minimum enrollment

Your everyday matters

and you should dress for it. But you’ve got better things to do than struggle with style.

These easy-to-use resources are included in The Style Circle to SAVE YOU TIME and MONEY and HELP YOU FEEL CONFIDENT and STYLISH

Signature Style Masterclass

Dress Your Body Shape Like a Pro

Ultimate Closet Makeover

Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe Guides

Seasonal Wardrobe Planner

The Denim Masterclass

The Everyday Style Challenge

The BEST Community on the Internet

***Not to mention personal style advice from me,
Jennifer Mackey-Mary – Founder and Chief Styling Officer of Everyday Style


You need The Style Circle.

Here’s the thing … the world of style is kind of a noisy place. You’ve got Insta-influencers telling you daily what to buy, and subscription boxes sending your random boxes of clothing–but none of it really solves the problem, does it?

It’s time to quiet the noise and stop telling yourself that you just weren’t born with the style gene. The truth is no one was. Style doesn’t come with a handbook, and getting dressed isn’t always easy. That’s where I come in.

Hey I’m Jennifer – 

I’ve been dressing real women just like you for over 20 years. I’m on a mission to help everyday women all over the world create easy, effortless style without confusion or overwhelm. You should have a wardrobe you love because your everyday matters and you should dress for it.

Research shows that getting “dressed” everyday impacts your mood, productivity and even your mental health. In a study done at Northwestern University, two cognitive psychologists did an in-depth study on the impact of clothes and they found that clothing can actually enhance your psychological states, and it can improve your performance on tasks.

I’d take it a few steps further and say that when you feel good about yourself, which is directly impacted by how you dress (and when I say that I’m not saying you should wear dressy/impractical clothes – I’m just  saying dress intentionally)  EVERYBODY GETS A BETTER YOU!

If you’re ready to create a wardrobe you love and feel confident every day so you can live the life you want, The Style Circle will help you get you there.

You Have Questions. I Have Answers!

A: We require a 3 month minimum. If you’re paying quarterly, you can cancel any time, and you won’t be billed again. If you’re on the monthly plan, you can cancel after the first 3 months. Simply email our support team, and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

A: Of course! The Guides and Classes are hosted off of Facebook, and we record our Monthly Style Q&A’s so everyone can watch them. However, if you want to connect with the community, and participate in some of the challenges you’ll need a Facebook account.

A: Yep! While the links we provide are to US-based stores, the Classes apply to everyone, and our global members can easily find options that work for them. Plus, as a bonus, in the Style Circle you’ll have access to the current Capsule Guide, and the retired Guide from the opposite season (For example, if we’re working with the Spring Capsule, you’ll get the previous Fall Guide too.

A: Nope. In fact, the Style Circle will help you use more of what you already have! We encourage you to shop your closet first, and we’re dedicated to reusing as many pieces as possible in our Capsule Guides. We want you to do more, with less.

A: Yes! The Classes apply to every single woman, because they teach you how to find your unique style, and dress your unique body. While our Capsule Guides aren’t designed with any one shape in mind, we offer links to petite, plus, curvy, and tall options so every woman can shop easily. We also link to stores like Chico’s and Talbots as well as Athropologie and Old Navy, so we’ve got options for all styles, bodies, and budgets!

A: I believe, with my whole heart, that it can. The Classes teach unchanging principles that any woman can learn to make style easier, and more fun. Dressing Your Body Shape is not the difficult task you’ve been led to believe–neither is finding your Signature Style or creating an effortless mix-and-match wardrobe. Even if you’ve never felt stylish a day in your life, you can learn how–and it doesn’t have to be hard!

It’s time for you to feel stylish again, even if it’s been awhile. In the Style Circle, you’ll get the tools you need to feel JOY about what you wear, and how you look. Regardless of your age, size, your lifestyle, or life stage, you deserve freedom from closet chaos and style stress.

Everybody gets a better you when you feel good about yourself, and knowing what to wear can help you feel REALLY GOOD!

Let’s get you dressed well EVERY DAY. Because in a world of working from home and doing the things that matter most, you need a stylish, streamlined wardrobe you can pull together with EASE. Just being here means you’re already well on your way! 

Dressing well doesn’t have to mean dressing up, and you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. You CAN build a wardrobe that works for the life you really live–and love the results!

Your everyday matters … You should dress for it!

JOIN The style Circle and NEVER GUESS  what to wear again!

Join The Style Circle