This summer, we’re releasing short episodes every week to share just a little bit of style wisdom. We polled our long-time Capsule Subscribers and asked them “What Everyday Style Advice has stuck with you the most?” These episodes are their answers!

You’ve probably heard this advice before on the Everyday Style School, so consider this a “greatest hits” album!

In this short and sweet Summer Shorts episode, I’m sharing (again) the importance of fit.

To quote the great Clinton Kelly, “If you don’t have fit, you don’t have style”. This week, I’m sharing why you should focus on how your clothes fit, and the two reasons (I think) most of my clients were wearing clothes that were way too big. If you’ve never given much thought to how your clothes fit, this one’s for you!

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I hope this episode helps you look at your shopping habits in a new way.

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