Today, we’re talking about a few trends that are big this season and how you can work them into your wardrobe, even if your life is more Gap than Gucci. Even If the only runway you’re walking is the cereal aisle of the grocery store, you deserve to feel current and confident, and adding some of these of the moment items to your fall wardrobe will definitely help you do that.

Too often, we let our wardrobes lag behind the current trends for a bit too long, and when that happens, it can get really hard to pepper in an on-trend pair of shoes, or a new silhouette. A better plan is to keep you wardrobe current by knowing what’s in style, and slowly updating your wardrobe. That way, you won’t have to do a major overhaul to get with the times!

When asked, so many of our Capsule Guide subscribers say that one of the biggest reasons they love the Capsules is that it helps them know what’s on-trend each season, and how to work those pieces into the wardrobe they already have. They shared that staying current is helping them have more fun with style. We love hearing that! 

If your wardrobe isn’t fun for you, you’re doing it wrong! 

If you want to have more fun with your wardrobe, but you don’t know where to start, you need a plan to reduce the overwhelm and help you figure out how to get from the boring, blah wardrobe you’re sick of, to a current, stylish wardrobe that gets you excited about style again. That’s what the Capsule Guides do, and our Fall Guide is available right now. Don’t let your wardrobe lag another season.

Ok, before we talk about this seasons trends, remember:

Not every trend is for you, and that’s okay

If something doesn’t suit your Style Guideposts or make you feel your best, don’t do it. But, dismissing every trend with “Ugh, that’s so ugly, I’d never wear that” isn’t helpful. Try thinking “I’m not used to that look yet” and asking, “What do I like about it?” or “How could I reinterpret that to suit me best?”.

I wish I had a dollar from every client who complained about skinny jeans and booties and swore up and down they’d never wear them. Guess what they’re all wearing now and refusing to give up? Yup, skinny jeans, and booties. Know what you like, know what suits you, but keep an open mind.

The trends I share are for regular, everyday women

I’m not sharing things that are made for my teenage daughter, or what Vogue says are the fall trends. There are some things that don’t really apply to my Lindas, like the midriff-baring skirt and sweater sets, and sequins for daytime. I look at what’s trending across the stores where you, my ladies, shop. What are we seeing at Loft, and Banana Republic, and in Nordstrom, brands like Halogen and Caslon.

I want these trends to be useful for your regular, everyday style. 

Fall Trends for 2021

The big overarching theme is still all things 90’s.  I know this is a tough one for a lot of you ladies because the actual ’90s was the period when style was imprinted on you. Meaning, it was your first awareness of trends, and you probably have memories of wearing these things in pivotal moments of your life. That can make it really hard to see them in a new light.

The important thing to remember is that as we age, our style should be less of a trend salad, and more of a trend garnish. My 13-year-old daughter can do the trend salad. She’s got the ripped baggy jeans, the cropped cardigans, the fanny pack–the whole thing. And she looks adorable. That many trends, all at once, on women of a certain age looks a little costumey.

This is where the trend garnish comes in. Pick one and pair it with your grown-up, higher-end pieces. The baggy jeans with a really nice cashmere sweater and refined sneakers or booties would be totally age-appropriate for just about any woman.  A  cropped cardigan with nice pants or jeans, even over a fitted tee, is a nod to the trend.

Revisiting any age of fashion that you’ve already lived through doesn’t mean you should dig out all your old clothes and wear them 24/7 all together as you did back in the day.  It’s about adding a little bit of garnish to your wardrobe to keep it fresh and interesting. 

Shop the ’90’s Trends:

Trending Colors

Color is a really easy way to make your wardrobe look more current-you can add a cardigan or a or a pretty blouse in a color that’s having a moment, as we like to say, and you feel instantly updated

The first is a bold use of color. We’re seeing rich saturated tones, like amber, and berry, and deep peacock. I think these are going to continue to grow over the season and into winter. But the opposite, lots of pastels are out there too. Lavender is a big color for fall, and we’re seeing light yellows and pinks. These are a little more unexpected for fall, and to me, they look a little fresher. It’s also nice if you have coloring that works well with these lighter brighter colors.

The other thing we’re seeing is neutrals and monochrome looks.

My personal favorite and the palette we went with for this season’s capsule is using different shades of one color. Lots of people think that monochromatic means that you have to wear one shade of one color and match it perfectly, but you don’t.

I’m loving these palettes so much because I think they’re really modern and sophisticated, but also super wearable.  I think they encourage women to wear more color in a non-scary way. You don’t have to worry about whether this color goes with that color, or does this navy match that navy.  It’s kind of color pairing for dummies, but the result is so elevated looking. To me, it’s the epitome of effortless style. 

Shop Fall 2021 Color Trends:

Trending Patterns

When it comes to pattern, we’re seeing lots of plaids, which is true every fall, but it’s also a part of that 90’s vibe. 90’s plaid tends to be a little more colorful and has a bigger scale, but right now we’re seeing plaids of all colors and sizes. The plaid shirt jacket, or shacket, as they’re called is a great fall piece when the weather gets cooler.

We’re also seeing a lot of dense, small patterns, either abstracts or florals. Now, if you’ve taken the Body Shape class, you know that dense patterns are amazing for camouflaging stuff you don’t want to show off. If you haven’t taken the class, I’ll share this nugget with you. Patterns are amazing for both highlighting things AND for camouflaging things and the most camouflaging patterns are those that are very dense, meaning, you don’t see a lot of background color. 

So if you don’t love your tummy, or your thighs, or whatever, switch out of solid color items, and look for patterns instead. 

Shop Fall 2021 Patterns:

Trending Jean Silhouettes

Some key silhouettes you’re going to see this season are straight-leg pants and jeans, as well as flares and wide legs, either cropped or full length.

I’ve been telling you for two years now that it’s time to start thinking about a silhouette other than skinny, and we’re there.

Fall is a great time to make the switch and get your eyes used to a new look because shoes are easier to pair in the fall. Straight legs and boots in the winter are a little trickier, so put your straight-pant training wheels on now, so it’s not as big of a leap as it will be in winter. 

Shop Straight Leg Jeans:

Trending Tops

When it comes to tops, it’s still all about the shoulder. From the gathered shoulder, puff sleeve, balloon sleeves, you name it, it’s here.

We’re also seeing strong shoulders come up. I’ve come across quite a few items with shoulder pads in them, or with really structured, angular shoulder details. These looks are great if you want to bring attention to your upper half or your shoulders.

If you don’t, avoid the extra volume in that area.  The trendiest tops are definitely short or cropped, and if that’s a look you like, you should 100% go for it. Especially with a pair of high waist pants. However, if you don’t want to risk even a sliver of skin showing, they’re still easily avoided.

Shop Trending Tops:

Trending Accessories

The 90’s vibe is strong in the footwear category, ladies.  Clogs, lug soles, combat boots, Chelsea boots are all really big this season. I have no advice on how to wear shoes other than, if you see a pair of trendy shoes that looks fun, buy them! Don’t overcomplicate it. 

Jewelry again this season is minimal.  This one hurts my heart, because I’ve always loved a big, bold statement necklace, but I can be honest with myself and say that they aren’t super current looking.

The trend has been for minimal dainty jewelry for a while, and we haven’t really talked about it, but I think it’s important because for years we were able to make outfits with accessories.

Shop Fall 2021 Accessories:

I hope this has given you some insight into what’s current for Fall 2021, and some tips for making it easy to keep your wardrobe looking fresh. As always, take what works for you, and leave the rest. 

Like I said earlier, the Fall Capsule Guide is on sale now, and our Facebook Community is open. This is the best place to get all of your style questions answered, from me and your fellow Style Sisters. We’ve got weekly outfit inspiration posts, monthly Q&A’s, info on sales, feedback on your outfits. It’s honestly the nicest corner of the internet, I’d love to have you join us. 

This week, start noticing these trends when you’re out and about, or when you’re doing a little online browsing, and see which ones you can picture in your wardrobe.

Fall is fashion’s best season. Have fun with it!

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