Happy New Year! This week, I’m sharing why I’m ditching resolutions, and creating a style bucket list instead.

Did you know that most Americans ditch their New Year’s Resolutions in just 19 days? Yep, sad but true.

New Year’s Resolutions are a great idea, they just don’t stick. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t, or shouldn’t, challenge yourself to go after what you want this year–you just need a different approach.

A Style Bucket list is a great way to boost your style, by coming up with simple tasks and activities that will move your style forward in 2023, but won’t become a year-long grind. Plus, instead of focusing on just 2 or 3 things, you can touch on lots of different aspects of your style. My own list covers storage, haircolor, lipstick, and more!

This year I’m (attempting to) tackle 12 style related tasks that will make getting dressed easier and more fun, and will keep me out of a style rut.

Listen to the episode to hear what style struggles I’m tackling this year!

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