Are you like me, and have really good intentions… but the follow-through could use some help? Do you find it challenging to form great habits? If so, you’re in the right place!

We’re continuing our Summer Interview series this week with Lisa Lizotte, an expert in turning good intentions into good habits that stick.

In this episode, Lisa shares easy action steps for decluttering, organizing, and systemizing our homes so we can live more simply and focus on the things that matter most.

One new habit can change your life, so start small and you’ll be amazed at where you can end up. 

About Lisa Lizotte:

Lisa Lizotte is the host of the Habits and Home Show podcast and blogs at

Lisa always felt like she was just treading water and couldn’t get a good handle on being a wife, mom, and homemaker. 

One day, she realized she was living beyond her capacity and that something had to give. She started decluttering not only her home but all areas of her life and has created systems to support habits that have changed her life for good.

Because she’s experienced the freedom that comes from letting go and creating sustainable systems and habits, she’s passionate about sharing her methods with other women.

In this episode:

  • The best approach to decluttering 
  • Why habits are so hard to stick with, and how “Habit Stacking” can help
  • Some impactful habits you can use that will set you up for success
  • Ways to break bad habits  
  • Why trying to live a minimalist life can be so hard 
  • Why a reset habit is so important

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