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Apples should never wear turtlenecks. Pears should always wear dark colors on the bottom. rectangles have a boyish figure. Our glasses have the ideal body shape. Have you been harmed by traditional body shape advice? I think most of us have in one way or another. Whether it’s left you more confused about what to wear, or made you feel worse about your natural shape. The truth is traditional body shape advice leaves a lot to be desired. Today, we’re talking about what it gets wrong and how to think differently. Let’s get started.
Hello, gorgeous. Welcome back to the everyday style school, the podcast that gives real lifestyle advice to real life women. If you’re new here, welcome. I am your host, Jennifer Mackey Mary. I’m a wardrobe stylist who has been dressing everyday women for over 20 years. And I’m the founder of everyday style, where we are on a mission to inspire women to love the way they look and give you the tools to make getting dressed easy. If you’re a longtime listener, welcome back. I know you have a million podcasts to choose from. And it means so much to me that you choose mine. So thank you.
Okay, last week, I taught a free class on how to make a few of the spring trends I talked about in our last episode, work for the different body shapes. And if you watch the class, some of what we’re talking about today will be a review for you. I encourage you to stick around, because there are a few things that I didn’t talk about in the class. But also because understanding your body shape and how to dress it best is rarely a one and done conversation. hearing something a few times helps to clarify it and commit it to memory. So next time you’re in a fitting room or shopping online, you’re more likely to remember the principles in the moment, rather than buying something and remembering only after the return window has passed. And you’re wondering why you never wore that dress or that jacket. So stick around. Now, if you’re wondering, what class what did I miss? Well, my love you are either not on my email list, or you don’t read my emails, one of the two. I’ve done a couple of mini classes so far this year. And I’ve got more planned, but the invitations are exclusively sent through email. So if you want to come to these totally free, super valuable classes, you got to be on the list, you can head over to the show notes, we have a link to sign up to get our mini capsule wardrobe guide, not only will you get on the list for the classes that we do, but you’ll also get to see how we make 30 outfits out of just 10 pieces. So sign up, don’t miss the next class. And once you’re on the list, read the emails.
If you miss the spring trends for your body shape class, and you want to watch it, we have added the replay to the style circle membership where it will live for an entire year. All right, let’s talk body shape advice and where it goes wrong. By the way, I know we have been talking about body shape a lot lately. And
yeah, I don’t I don’t quite know why. There have been a few things that have sort of come at me and I feel the need to continue talking about it. I think this will be it for a hot minute. But yeah, it’s body shape up. So alright, let’s do it. First, I want to address the biggest criticism of body shape advice, because anytime I talk about this, somebody’s gonna say body shape advice is outdated, and you should just wear it you want to wear and I don’t know how many times I can say this or have to say this, but what the heck, let’s just do it one more time. I agree. Yes, I agree. At least partly, women should just wear what they want to wear. Whatever makes you feel good. wear that. Whatever you love, wear that whatever makes you feel like a hot mama, wear the hat. My advice or body shape advice in general, isn’t for the people who have reached that enlightened state. If you have I applaud you. My advice. And the reason that I do what I do is for the women who put on a turtleneck and think oh, that look like a linebacker, I shouldn’t have had those French fries at lunch. Or the woman who tries on pants that pull across the hips and thinks, oh, I should leave my car in the parking lot and run home. I know from personal experience, that body dissatisfaction, least some not all can come from not understanding your body, your body shape, and what certain clothing elements do for that shape. So if you don’t like what you see in the mirror, I want you to understand that often it’s not you it’s the clothes, and the clothes are an easy fix. And along with that, I want to say one more time that you don’t have to dress your best I do not believe in using body shape advice to create this little box of 10 rules that you must follow that is the

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