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Dress well. Feel confident. LOVE the way you look…
in just 10 minutes a week!

Get access to every style resource Everyday Style has to offer
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The doors to The Style Circle are closed for the season. Check out our latest Capsule Wardrobe Guide!

Does this scenario sound familiar?

It’s 7 AM, and there’s less than an hour left to get ready and out the door.
Your head is already racing with thoughts about everything you need to accomplish….

  • Get the kids ready and drop them off at school 
  • Suffer through a day of Zoom meetings
  • Meet up with friends for an early dinner date

When your schedule is packed, you don’t have time for 3 different outfits. You want to feel stylish and confident all day long.

So you head to your closet and the search for the right outfit begins. 

First contender, the trendy wide-leg jeans you bought last year and an oversized sweater…

Unfortunately, the sweater makes you feel bulky, and the pants are too long for your frame.

… Time is ticking by, and school starts in 30 minutes…

Next, you grab the dress you picked up on clearance a few years ago. (You know, the one with the tags still on)

But the dress is a little too boxy for your silhouette, and you have a feeling it’s a little short.

⏰… A quick glance at the clock shows that you now only have 20 minutes to get out the door…

Finally, you pair your old faithful leggings and a patterned tunic sitting in the back of the closet, “It’ll have to do”, you say to yourself.

You’re pretty sure the outfit looks dated, but you’re out of options…and time.

⏰… Time’s up! If you want to make sure you get the kids off to school AND make it to your meeting on time, you need to leave now.

Frustrated and flustered, you stare at a closet full of clothes, and wonder why it’s so hard to pull together one cute outfit.

You think..

Is it my weight?
My changing body?
Where do women my age shop anymore?

Who has time for all this?

…am i just unstylish?

All you want is stylish outfits that look good on you without wasting precious time, money, and energy. Instead, you’re stuck with frumpy, ill-fitting clothes that make you feel boring and blah.

Listen, I know finding the right outfit that fits your unique style and shape can be tough (especially when you’re pressed for time)…

But before you go and burn down your closet or think you have to resort to a life of uninspired, unflattering choices –

I’ve got some good news for you.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

…and that’s where I come in!

here’s the truth no one talks about:

You struggle to feel stylish, because you were never taught how to have style!

And to top it off, we’ve been told that style comes naturally to women, and that’s simply not true

(In fact, most women I know can’t stand going to the mall!)

And so we go tell ourselves what we wear doesn’t matter, even though deep down, we want to feel good again.

Contrary to popular belief, style IS something that every woman can do…

You just need the tools to make it easier.

  • IMAGINE smooth mornings when you walk into your closet, and everything looks good on you, no matter what.
  • WOULDN’T IT BE AMAZING to feel confident and pulled together, ready for what each day may bring?
  • YOU DESERVE stylish outfit options for every life scenario, from running errands to dressed up dinners.
If you’re ready to Save time and money, and have more style than you thought possible, the style circle is for you.
Yes! I’m ready for style success >>

Doors to The Style Circle Close in…


You have given me hours of my life back!

“I just had to write and tell you that you have given me hours of my life back! I haven’t spent any time at all standing in front of my closet trying to figure out what to wear. And, there have been no panicked runs to the laundry hamper to wash the one reasonably decent option that I had. It has been amazing!”
Kelly L.

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Real women. Real wardrobes. Real solutions.

Our Everyday Style membership is re-launched and better than ever! 

It’s easy to get dressed in just 10 minutes a week once you know your signature style, how to dress for your body shape, and how to plan out your wardrobe. 

Discover how we help you save time and discover personalized looks you’ll feel confident in, just the way you are.

See what we’ve put together for you!

The Style Circle gives you all the tools you need to make style easy, so you can feel confident no matter what the day has in store.

Here’s Your Path to Style

There’s something for everyone.


Start with the…

Signature Style Masterclass

  • Discover what to put into your closet

If you’re not able to go into your closet and pull out something that makes you feel like the badass woman you are, to achieve all the things you want to achieve, then it’s time to find your signature style! 

Inside the Signature Style masterclass I’ll help you discover HOW you want to look and determine what your personal must-have looks are, so you can know exactly WHAT to buy to make your personal style come ALIVE


  • The 3 words that will make your unique style come alive. 
  • How to identify important elements for your Signature Style.
  • Easy outfit formulas that make getting dressed a breeze.
  • How to apply your style to every facet of your life.

After completing this class, you’ll STOP wasting money on clothes you’ll never wear and don’t feel great in, and instead start creating a wardrobe that’s as unique and fabulous as you are. 

dress your body shape masterclass

Then discover…

Dress Your Body Shape Like a Pro

  • Discover what to put on your body

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a label to dress yourself, you need a strategy. With Dress Your Body Shape you’ll understand the *key* universal principles of dressing your unique body so you can finally step confidently into outfits you feel GREAT in – no labels, measure tape or style gene required.


  • How to identify your unique shape without a label, or a tape measure!
  • How to use fabric, pattern, color, lines, and volume to dress your body best–for life. 
  • The best tops, bottoms, and dresses for your shape.
  • How to know how an item will look on your body, without trying it on. 

Quickly find what flatters you and know instantly if a piece is right for you, just by looking at it. Also great for online shopping when you have to decipher pieces through a screen!

Then check out…

Ultimate Closet Makeover

  • Edit your closet like a wardrobe pro

Despite having more clothes than they need, most women struggle to get dressed because their closets aren’t organized, leaving them feeling like there’s something always missing from their wardrobe. The Ultimate Closet Makeover is the FASTEST way to GET RID of what’s not working, discover the gems hiding in your closet, and get organized FOR GOOD


  • The 3 step process I used with hundreds of clients to edit their wardrobes.
  • How to decide what to keep and what to let go.
  • Simple upgrades that make any closet more Pinterest-worthy.
  • How to make the most of your closet space.

Once you know how you want to look, and what looks best on you, editing your wardrobe is a breeze. You can get rid of clothes that don’t serve you without FOTO (fear of throwing out).

PLUS receive our quarterly Capsule Wardrobe Guides every three months

Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe Guides

  • This is your shopping list

Make getting dressed simple and FUN with our Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe Guides. Every quarter you’ll receive 39 NEW piece recommendations combined to  create over 250 outfits that will help you get dressed easily, feel confident, and LOVE the way you look


  • INSTANT ACCESS E-BOOK: With 20 pages of outfit inspiration, a budget cheat sheet, Vacation Packing Guide, Seasonal Trend Guide and more! ($49 Value)
  • SHOPPING LINK DATABASE: You get links to every Capsule piece in a variety of price points and size ranges–including spend and save, petite and plus. There’s a minimum of 8 links per piece. ($49 Value)
  • 30 DAYS OF OUTFIT RECOMMENDATIONS: We show you how to mix and match all the pieces, but if you want it to be even easier, pick from our 30 Days of Style cheatsheet!

And how to put it ALL together to create over 250 outfits

It’s everything you need to look stylish and put together for a night out with friends, a casual workday, or a lazy weekend Netflix binge.  

Girlfriend, no matter what you’re doing, with The Style Circle you’ll be ready for ANYTHING and looking fabulous in your clothes every.single.day, no matter your age, shape, size, or stage of life. 


To make your style journey even MORE effortless, we’re also including this collection of resources only available to Style Circle members to make your money go further and increase your style.

The Everyday Style Challenge

  • Bust out of the boring closet

Trying to get out of the “I don’t care what I wear” mindset from the pandemic? Didn’t shop for clothes other than loungewear during the last 2.5 years and most of your closet seems dated now?

It’s possible to achieve style across all four seasons and look at your wardrobe in a fresh NEW way with The Everyday Style Challenge – a set 31 of fun, quick and simple tasks (meant to cover a month) you can do to freshen up your wardrobe

These are EASY things meant to be done in 15 minutes or less to help you bust out of a style rut and shake things up without buying anything new.

Seasonal Wardrobe Planner

  • Be stylishly prepared for any event

Anniversary party, birthday dinner, corporate event, date night? 

The Seasonal Wardrobe Planner works in conjunction with your capsule guides. With this planner in hand, you can look ahead three months to see what’s coming up on your calendar, and prepare ahead of time for any events you’ll want to dress up for. 

Here’s what we’ll do: 

We’ll get a head start on the season and take stock of your closet to recognize any wardrobe holes, and then do a post-season wrap-up that looks at what you didn’t wear and why you didn’t wear them so you’re not carrying old clothes (and clutter) into new seasons.

We’ve also included weekly outfit planners that’ll shave OFF HOURS getting dressed in the morning – it’s the BEST way to start the day off easy and use more of what you already own. 

No more “I have nothing to wear” blues. Every event you’re invited to will be a ‘YES’ for you!

*The Seasonal Wardrobe Planner is not available for purchase anywhere else and is now exclusive to The Style Circle Membership

Denim Masterclass

  • Buy jeans that fit, flatter and don’t fall down

Rather buy an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini than go shopping for jeans? 

Studies have shown that women would rather shop for swimsuits than buy a great pair of jeans! But every woman needs a good pair in her closet. Which is why we’ve included the Denim Masterclass in The Style Circle membership – a course everyone calls the PhD of denim (no dissertation required😉).  

Inside you’ll learn: 
  • The #1 mistake women make when buying jeans
  • What various fabric blends do + how they’ll work for YOU
  • How to find jeans that fit your body type (yes, it is possible!)

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to find the best jeans of your life! 

*The Denim Masterclass is not available for purchase anywhere else and is now exclusive to The Style Circle Membership.

Facebook Community

  • Your support system

Join other supportive women on the journey to better style. 

You’ll receive access to a private Facebook community filled with other Style Circle members and personalized style advice, tips, and feedback from me (Jen!) during our monthly Q&A calls. Enjoy the perks of connecting with myself and other like-minded women who love style as much as you!

Plus, join us for our quarterly Style Challenges, where you can have fun, boost your style and win gift cards to your favorite stores!

*The Facebook community no longer comes with the Capsule Guides. It’s now exclusive to The Style Circle Membership.

My promotion would not be happening had I not enlisted your services.

“I want to THANK YOU BIG TIME for helping me get the outer image of me lined up with my inner image and skill set. I wholeheartedly believe that my promotion would not be happening had I not enlisted your services.”
Melissa C.

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Denim Masterclass (value $39)
Winter Capsule Wardrobe Guides (value $49)

Facebook Community (value $49)

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Now I know how to dress in a way that both makes me feel good, and works for my lifestyle!

“Before capsules I thought you had to choose between dressing fashionable and dressing for a life with little kids, I didn’t think you could have both. Now I know how to dress in a way that both makes me feel good, and works for my lifestyle.”
Denae J

Meet your official style guide

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Jennifer!

I’ve been dressing real women just like you for over 20 years. Now I’m on a mission to help women all over the world create easy, effortless style without confusion or overwhelm through a membership that supports you through the seasons.

If you’re ready to create a wardrobe you love and feel confident everyday so you can live the life you want, The Style Circle will get you there.

I finally have the knowledge and tools to know what mine is!

“I learned a LOT from the body shape master class. I finally have the knowledge and tools to know what mine is! Knowing how to choose the right patterns, necklines, sleeves, etc… makes online and in person shopping so much easier!!!”
Jen G

You Have Questions. I Have Answers!

A: Absolutely! The membership automatically renews quarterly, but you can cancel anytime. You’ll keep access to the community and the courses until the end of your billing cycle.

A: Of course! The Guides and Classes are hosted off of Facebook, and we record our Monthly Style Q&A’s so everyone can watch them. However, if you want to connect with the community, and participate in the quarterly challenges, you’ll need a Facebook account.

A: Yep! While the links we provide are to US-based stores, the Classes apply to everyone, and our global members can easily find options that work for them. Plus, as a bonus, in the Style Circle you’ll have access to the current Capsule Guide, and that of the opposite season in case your weather is vastly different For example, you’ll have Winter 2022 and Summer 2022 Capsule Guides available.

A: Nope. In fact, the Style Circle will help you use more of what you already have! We encourage you to shop your closet first, and we’re dedicated to reusing as many pieces as possible in our Capsule Guides. We want you to do more, with less.

A: Yes! The Classes apply to every single woman, because they teach you how to find your unique style, and dress your unique body. While our Capsule Guides aren’t designed with any one shape in mind, we offer links to petite, plus, curvy, and tall options so every woman can shop easily. We also link to stores like Chico’s and Talbots as well as Athropologie and Old Navy, so we’ve got options for all styles, bodies, and budgets!

A: I believe, with my whole heart, that it can. The Classes teach unchanging principles that any woman can learn to make style easier, and more fun. Dressing Your Body Shape is not the difficult task you’ve been led to believe–neither is finding your Signature Style or creating an effortless mix-and-match wardrobe. Even if you’ve never felt stylish a day in your life, you can learn how–and it doesn’t have to be hard!

Here’s the sitch.

So many women I’ve worked with spent the biggest part of their budgets on the smallest part of their lives – dressy, “going out” clothes – and spent almost NOTHING on clothes for the way they dressed every single day.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:
Spend your money where you spend your time. 

In addition to helping you get ready faster, the Style Circle helps you STOP spending money on clothes you won’t wear. This is the easiest way to get true EVERYDAY STYLE – without losing 30 pounds or making 30 grand more.

With The Style Circle, I’m giving you the tools to feel good about what you wear again, no matter the season or lifestyle.

I’m ready to stop overspending and SAVE with The Style Circle

Enjoy founder’s member pricing through November 28th!

The Signature Style masterclass was amazing!

“I love the worksheets and activities that walk through choosing style guideposts. I use those words with every shopping checkout and every morning getting dressed. They make it easy for me to feel stylish and unique!”
Kimberly M

If it’s a challenge finding clothes to fit your changing body…

Do It Yourself Style

Getting up late and running behind in the mornings because you have nothing to wear. Stopping at Target on the way home from work, hoping you don’t see your neighbor.

The Style Circle Experience

Stress free mornings -Getting ready is a easy, effortless task that leaves you feeling stylish and confident…and starts your day off on a happy note!

Do It Yourself Style

Getting up late and running behind in the mornings because you have nothing to wear. Stopping at Target on the way home from work, hoping you don’t see your neighbor.

The Style Circle Experience

Stress free mornings -Getting ready is a easy, effortless task that leaves you feeling stylish and confident…and starts your day off on a happy note!

Every major life season shapes our style, and it can feel deeply personal…

  • “Everything is too young, or looks like it belongs on the prairie.”
  • “Having 3 babies in the last 5 years, I feel like I don’t know what suits my body anymore.”
  • “I’ve gained weight recently and trying to find clothes that fit but I’m not ready to get rid of my smaller sized clothes because I’m hoping to lose the weight and fit in them.”
  • “Dressing age appropriately but not frumpy, choosing the styles that are most flattering for my current shape”
  • “Because I am in between sizes due to my changing body when dealing with menopause in addition to being on a wellness journey, it’s very hard to find clothes that will fit my body type. I am extremely top-heavy and have a small bottom however, I am curvy but I don’t have a lot of hips so finding clothes that will fit my body type has been challenging.”

No matter how you feel now… consider this:

  • If you’re willing to invest in your personal style journey…
  • And you’re willing to follow my guidance and use the resources I provide that will give you the confidence of knowing you’re stylish and loving the way you look in just minutes per week…

Then the BEST membership to set yourself up for success IS The Style Circle.

Yes! I’m ready for style success >>

Getting dressed is so much easier!

“I feel more confident shopping my closet because I know everything fits, is current, and I love it. It’s also more pleasing to look at because it’s organized in a purposeful way. Getting dressed is so much easier!”
Lori P