If you’re struggling to make the current trends work for your body/budget/lifestyle, you’re not alone! We’ve heard from lots of women that some of the newer looks are a little challenging for everyday women to pull off. But, there are lots of fabulous, wearable trends out here, and here are 5 Summer 2022 Trends that are super wearable, no mater how old you are, or where you’re going….read on for our picks!

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Summer Trend #1 Crochet

This retro handicraft looks really fresh this season. If wearing a lot of it feels a little too throwback, look for pieces with crochet detail, or crochet accessories.

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Summer Trend #2 Fruit & Botanical Print

These prints are everywhere this season, and again, pick your level of commitment. From a cute lemon graphic tee to an all over print on a dress, there’s a way to work this into your wardrobe.

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Summer Trend #3 Charm Necklaces

It literally doesn’t get any easier than putting on a necklace, which is why this is on the list of the most wearable trends for the summer. Pick up a done-for-you version, or spend a little effort creating the perfect personalized accessory. The choice is yours!

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Summer Trend #4 Matching Sets

We’ve talked about this one before, and there’s a reason matching sets are still going strong. You get all the polish of romper, dress, or jumpsuit, but it’s easier to customize the pieces to match your body. Plus you can break up the set and wear them as separates, too. Bonus points for versatility!

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Summer Trend #5 Slide Sandals.

Another so-easy-anyone-can-do-it summer trend are slide sandals. Shoes are a great way to make your current wardrobe look a little more current, and whether you choose flats, wedges or heels, slides look super fresh this summer.

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I hope this episode makes it a little easier to feel current, no matter what your age, size, or life stage. Remember, you don’t have to overhaul your wardrobe every season. Just focus on great basics, and add in a few fresh pieces to stay updated.

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