This week we’re highlighting Spring 2022 Trends. The looks and pieces we’ve chosen to highlight are the ones we feel are most wearable for real women, in their 30’s, 40’s’ 50’s and beyond.

There’s always a way to interpret the trends to fit your style, your body, and your lifestyle, and keeping your wardrobe looking current by refreshing it a little each season is the best way to avoid needing a major wardrobe makeover.

Some of these trends are pieces we show in the Capsule Wardrobe Guide. Our Capsule Guides build on great basics, and pepper in some trendier items so you always look stylish, and current. If you want effortless, current style without having to think about it too much, grab your Spring 2022 Capsule Guide now!

Here are our top wearable trends for Spring 2022

90’s and Y2K Influences are Everywhere

This season, the 90’s influence is joined by some Y2K fashion looks. From wider pants and shorter tops to mini handbags and butterfly clips, the trends for this season are a definite throwback.

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Spring 2022 Trends


Lots of bright, happy color this season! Our favorite picks are blue, pink, red and green, but bold yellow is having a moment, too

Adding a trending color is the easiest way to make your wardrobe look current. Have fun with color this season, and if you love a color that isn’t best for you, put it on the bottom, away from your face–or just wear it anyway. The most important thing is that you wear what you love.

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Saying florals and stripes are big for spring isn’t exactly revolutionary, but it’s the type of florals and stripes that matter this season.

Bold rugby stripes and small dense florals are what we’re seeing most, although stripes and florals to flatter every body are out there, too.

Gingham is another spring-y print that’s definitely having a moment.

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Tops for Spring 2022

Shorter tops are still going strong, as they pair well with high-rise pants. As rises go lower, we should see tops get longer in the next few seasons.

Smocked and corset tops are big this season, especially tops with a fitted or smocked bodice and puff sleeves. If you’ve got curves you want to highlight, this is a great way to do it.  This is definitely one of those late 90’s early 2000’s looks that is back.

Another throwback style is the babydoll or tiered top. A lot of women are going to struggle with this one or dismiss it entirely, but if this is a look you want to like, give it a try. The placement of the seams, or tiers, as well as the volume of the item, can make a big difference.  

Collared tops are also everywhere this season, from the old school, short sleeve polo shirts to sweaters with big collars. You’ll find a lot of button-down shirts in stores, too.

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Pants for Spring 2022

Again this season, it’s all about volume on the bottom. Baggy jeans, wide-leg pants, and trouser-style everything are what looks the most current. If you’re still clinging to your skinnies, it’s time to try straight legs as gateway pants to the fuller styles.

One thing to keep in mind is that fuller pant legs need more attention to detail when it comes to length. Ankle pants make things easy, but if you’re going-full length, watch the fabric pools over your feet. They’ll frumpify any outfit!

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Skirts & Dresses for Spring 2022

The most current dress styles this season are all 90’s and Y2K throwbacks.

In stores, you’ll find dresses and skirts of every length, from mini to maxi, but the biggest themes are tiers, ruffles and wraps. For dresses, look for details like cutouts below the bust or on the sides, or square, apron necklines. Slit skirts look super current (choose your own level of exposure!)

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I hope this gives you some insight into what’s big for Spring 2022 and how you can wear the trends easily.

Remember, if a trend doesn’t suit your style or make you feel great, skip it. Not every trend is going to be for you, and that’s ok. But, don’t close your mind to every new look that comes along. Don’t be afraid to try new things and have fun with your style.

For more style tips and trends, listen to the full episode below.

I hope this encourages you to think about the basics in your wardrobe–whether you’re missing some, or

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