It seems like everyone is talking about Capsule Wardrobes lately, and you might be wondering if a Capsule is something you should try. We think Capsule Wardrobes are a great way to have more style with less stuff–and less stress. Here’s why this wardrobe approach might be right for you, and what some real Capsule Wardrobe devotees had to say.

First, what exactly is a Capsule Wardrobe?
Simply put, a Capsule is a small collection of wardrobe pieces you love that were carefully chosen to work together. It’s the ultimate mix-and-match wardrobe.

Capsule Wardrobes Save you Time

You won’t spend hours searching in stores or online, trying to figure out what to buy. Capsules use a defined color palette, which narrows your focus. Once you hone in on fewer options, making decisions gets much easier–and quicker.

You’ll also save time getting dressed each morning. No more trying on outfit after outfit, wondering “does this work?”. Because the pieces of your Capsule were designed to go together, making outfits you love is a breeze.

“Capsules have taken the stress out of my mornings. I save so much time getting ready and finally feel fabulous again after feeling frumpy for years!” – Kelley S

Capsule Wardrobes Save You Money

To begin with, Capsule Wardrobes use fewer pieces, so there’s less to buy overall. But sticking to your Capsule plan keeps you from buying pieces you’ll only wear once or twice–or not at all, because you have nothing to wear with them.

Capsules are my guide to shopping with a purpose and not just buying things that I thought might work. I had a plan and knew what pieces I needed to finish a look- and kept me from spending money on things I would never wear because I had nothing to go with them. – Kim M

Capsule Wardrobes Help You Do More With Less

You don’t need more clothes, you need the right clothes, and Capsule Wardrobes help you do that. One thing most wardrobes are missing are great basics that make style easy. Capsule Wardrobes start with good foundational basics, and add fun pieces to keep your wardrobe functional and fabulous

Capsules helped me realize how much of the crap I do not need in my closet. I have realized how many options I can have if I select the right items as opposed to having lots of items right for just one occasion. – Laila G

Capsule Wardrobes Give You Confidence

A lot of women aren’t confident when it comes to putting outfits together, or trying new things. Because all the pieces of a Capsule Wardrobe work together, it’s goof-proof. You can’t help but look, and feel, stylish. And when we like the way we look, our confidence in all areas of our life soars.

As someone to whom style does not come naturally, I am so grateful I found Capsule Wardrobes. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and insecure when I have to get dressed every day, I use my Capsule to create outfits that make me feel ready for anything! – Rachel

Capsule Wardrobes are Good For the Planet

Did you know that, on average, we wear only 20% of what we own, and we throw away 80 pounds of clothing each year? That’s a lot of waste. Because Capsule Wardrobes are made up only of pieces you love, you’ll wear more of what you have, and you’ll want to hang on to your pieces longer. When we buy less, and wear it longer, we decrease the demand for clothing production, which has a positive impact on the environment.

Normally, when I clean out my closet, I get rid of so much. It always makes me feel guilty and wasteful. Now that I’m doing the Capsules, I hardly get rid of anything. It makes me feel better about buying clothes, because I know I’m going to use them. – Laura M

Capsule Wardrobes Make Get Dressed Fun and Easy

Imagine opening your closet, and loving everything inside. Now, imagine, no matter what you choose, your outfit comes together effortlessly. How much easier would that be? How much more fun would it be to get dressed for special events, or your everyday life, if it was effortless, and you knew the results would be fabulous. That’s what Capsule Wardrobes do.

I was dressed in 5 mins today and came down to comments from husband and teenager “wow you look great”. 5 mins people!! Capsules make it so easy! – Stephanie F

I have been in a mom-bod slump since having my daughter 18 months ago. Having cute clothes makes me excited to get dressed each day, and was the lightbulb moment that got me working out every day again and actually feeling good about myself. – Lisa B

Wondering if a Capsule Wardrobe is right for you? Grab our free Mini Capsule to see how easy having a mix and match wardrobe can be.

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