Zandra Zuraw is BACK! We are taking a deeper dive into creating a Signature Style for your home. Together, we walk through her fabulous (and free) Style Mash-Up exercise.

Download the guide and walk through it with us!

The Style Mash-Up exercise 

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Zandra Zuraw is the founder of Little Yellow Couch, an interior design coaching platform for everyday home lovers. She’s also the host of the popular podcast, Style Matters, which has logged in over 200 interviews with the most creative people working in the interiors industry.

With 25+ years of experience teaching herself how to create beautiful, meaningful homes, she has developed her own step-by-step Slow Style approach to teaching others how to do the same. Along with the podcast, Zandra has also created a monthly membership called “The Slow Style Society”, she teaches an online course called “Master The Mix,” and hosts in-person signature style retreats.

Little Yellow Couch has been featured on many media outlets, including iTunes, Dominio, Better Homes & Gardens, USA Today, and Podcast Magazine. Zandra has also been a speaker at several creative business conferences in the US and Canada.

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