Capsule Wardrobe Guides

It shouldn’t be hard to love the way you look EVERYDAY–at the grocery store, at work, or at the playground. All you need to do is take an honest look in your closet.

Does your morning routine include staring at your closet and combing aimlessly through your drawers?

You need to figure out your wardrobe, but you have no idea what to shop for.

You want to look stylish without looking trendy (like Loft and Banana Republic, not Forever21).

You want the confidence of knowing you have amazing outfit choices at your fingertips without the overflowing closet to go with it. 

Most of all, you need your wardrobe to be easy, uncomplicated, and a little fun. 

When you like the clothes in your closet, it’s easy to get dressed in the morning.

The whole purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to curate a small collection of pieces you absolutely LOVE, that you feel amazing in, and that makes it easy for you to get dressed each day.

Ready to save time, money, and kick the anxiety?

(I was pretty sure you’d say yes). This is the BEST part of a capsule wardrobe for busy women who may or may not have lost their personal sense of style.

Curating these collections ensures that you are always feeling stylish–no more staring at the closet hoping an outfit will jump out at you. The guides show you how you can mix on-trend pieces with classics you already have for a look that pulls together each morning quickly and stress-free.

What do I get when I purchase the Guide?

The Capsule Wardrobe Guide is an instant digital download, an ebook to be precise.

You can easily use all of the content on your computer (with 4 clickable links to each item included in the guide) or keep it on your phone so style inspiration is ALWAYS at your fingertips.

The Capsule Wardrobe Guides show women like you WHAT to buy, WHERE to get the pieces, and HOW to pull it all together into outfits that are easy and cute.

It makes shopping easy because you have a plan. Everything looks good pieced together so you never have to dig through your closet for a top that looks good with those jeans. Or a scarf that doesn’t clash with your shoes. The 34 pieces included in each guide mix-and-match to make over 150 amazing outfits. 

Ready to save time, money, and kick the anxiety?

I’m not trendy, so I didn’t think the Capsule Guide would work for me. I was really surprised at how easy it was to change a few of the pieces and have a wardrobe that fits my style. It’s pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I’ve tried things I normally wouldn’t have. I feel more stylish than I have in years.. even though I’m still not ‘trendy’, and I’ve gotten compliments on my outfits almost every day.

Michelle S.

The Capsule was my guide to shopping with a purpose and not just buying things that I thought might work. I had a plan and knew what pieces I needed to finish a look- and kept me from spending money on things I would never wear because I had nothing to go with them. It was a huge help getting dressed in the morning- I had a visual guide to different combinations of the pieces I had, keeping me from wearing the same thing all the time. The links in the group made it so simple to shop- I finished my shopping for the season in just a couple of hours!

Kim M.

The shopping links and Facebook group are invaluable. I enjoy the hunt of finding my interpretation of a capsule piece that works with my body type and rediscovering pieces I already own and learning how to wear them differently. For the first time in my life, I actually enjoy fashion and it was very eye-opening to discover that you don’t have to wait until you hit your goal weight to love your wardrobe.

Cheryl H.

I thought a capsule wardrobe would get boring, but I feel like I have way more outfits than I had before I tried the capsule. For once I felt like I understood the season’s trends and how to incorporate therm. Also I’ve never had a real “wardrobe” before. I was always trying to piece together clothes. Getting dressed this spring was so easy because the pieces were so versatile.

Connie K.

What’s the deal with the Facebook group?

The exclusive Capsule Community on Facebook is the home for our weekly link updates, monthly wardrobe challenges, weekly live Q&A sessions, guest experts, and even discounts on future products and services!

(Ever needed style advice without having anyone to turn to? You need to be in this community). 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Capsule Wardrobe Guides

Will all the pieces work for my body shape?

The Capsule Wardrobe isn’t body type or size specific, so the principles will work for everyone! If you’re petite, simply purchase the pieces in your size range. If a midi-skirt isn’t the most flattering shape for you, swap it out for a shorter (or longer) version that suits you better. I’ve added links to petite and plus options to make the capsule easy for everyone.  

What if I need more help?

Capsule subscribers have access to exclusive one-on-one virtual styling sessions to help you customize your capsule.

How do I get my capsule guide?

Once you purchase, you’ll receive 2 emails.  A receipt, and a link to download your guide. Both will be sent to the email you used for payment, so be sure to use an address you have access to.  If you have trouble downloading on your mobile device, try a laptop or desktop.  If you’re still having trouble, email me at and I’ll get it to you!

Are all the pieces expensive?

Absolutely not! There are links to Target and JC Penney as well as Nordstrom and Anthropologie. There are choices for every budget.

What if the colors aren't right for me?

If one of the capsule colors isn’t right for you, just swap it out for a color you like better. You can make the capsule your own by swapping out colors, patterns, silhouettes, etc. I’ve included tips in the Capsule Guide on how to customize your capsule and still keep it cohesive.

What if the capsule isn't right for me? Can I get my money back?

Unfortunately, due to the instant delivery of the capsule guide, refunds aren’t possible. However, the Capsule Guides are designed to appeal to a broad range of women. The guides focus on basics, and pepper in a few trends to keep you looking current, and not like you raided Forever 21.  Even if you hated every single piece in the capsule guide (which I can almost guarantee you won’t) the value of seeing exactly how to put together a mix and match, versatile wardrobe far exceeds the purchase price!

Spend less time thinking about clothes… and more time on what really matters. 

Capsule Wardrobe:

Minimize your wardrobe, maximize your style

I want these things for you.

I want you to go from feeling frumpy to fabulous, from feeling like a fish out of water to knowing exactly what to put on each day.

It doesn’t have to be hard, boring, or time-consuming. Plus once you get to a place of your wardrobe being EASY, quick, manageable, fun, and a no-brainer, you’ll have so much more energy for things in life that really matter. (Deciding where to go out to eat since you know exactly what you’d wear?)

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