PlanYour Dream Vacation with Angela Gillmeister

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Raise your hand if you need a vacation!

This week we welcome Vacation Designer Angela Gillmeister to The Everyday Style School to help you understand how to plan the best vacation based on your personal travel style.  As Angela says, understanding how you like to travel is as important as knowing where you want to go.

Have you ever wondered what your dream vacation would look like? Not just where you want to go, but how you want to travel. Are you a person who likes to plan in advance, or are you someone who likes to see where the wind takes you? Do you love lazy mornings in the hotel with an extra cup of coffee, or do you like to be sightseeing bright and early?

These things are just as important as the destination, and today, Angela will help us unpack our travel styles so instead of just taking a vacation, you take the right vacation! We also talk about traveling with people who don’t share the same travel style–even if it’s your spouse!

Angela Gillmeister is a custom vacation designer and the founder of Wild Hair Travels. She specializes in planning personalized vacation experiences for busy professional women that will reenergize them from their work-life routines. She’s a born and raised Texan who loves where she lives as much as traveling the world and is all about inspiring and helping women travel now despite all of the logical reasons that tend to make us put it off for years. She is also a fellow podcaster and the host of the Happy Women Travel More Podcast.

This episode will help you plan the right vacation, and episode 105 will help you pack for it!  Together, these two shows will help you plan a great vacation, and look fabulous while you’re there!

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