The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (aka The Super Bowl of Shopping) is here again, and today, I’m bringing you some of my favorite picks.

If you’re not a traditional Nordstrom Shopper, the NSale, as it’s called, is traditionally the first look at Fall merchandise and trends, and instead of putting things on sale after they’ve been on the floor for a bit, Nordstrom puts select Fall and Winter merchandise on sale before it hits the floor.

Nordstrom cardholders can start shopping Early Access today, July 16, and the sale opens to everyone July 28. Full truth though, it will be super picked over by the time it opens to everyone.  So, if you’re interested in shopping early, get a Nordstrom card (and a $60 bonus note), and get shopping.

Before I share my picks, I want to share my strategy. It’s easy to go crazy during the NSale and feel like you need to buy ALL THE THINGS!

Slow your roll, girl, and shop smart.  Here’s how:

  1. Use the sale to fill holes in your wardrobe. Think back to last fall/winter. Was there an item you wish you would have had that would have made getting dressed easier or more fun?  Maybe it was a good pair of boots, or some non-skinny jeans…or a perfect basic sweater.  Chances are, you’ll still want that item this year, so take this opportunity to save on it.
  2. Focus on splurge-worthy items. A lot of people love the cheap BP tees, but those won’t break the bank even when they’re not on sale. Put your dollars toward something you really love, that would be a bit of a stretch when the price increases.  In my book, the NSale is best for shoes, outerwear, and denim.
  3. Fun stuff last! When you’ve got shoes, outerwear and denim covered, look for things that will add a lot of personality to your wardrobe and enhance your personal style.  Resist the urge to go basic on everything. Every wardrobe needs some fun.

And now, my picks!


All of the oldie-but-goodie NSale picks are here, like the Wit & Wisdom, NYDJ, and KFTK. I’m loving the Hudson Barbara Straight Crops the best. Going to be so good with Chelsea boots for fall.


This is my favorite NSale category, and I could have put 100 coats in here. A little disappointed there weren’t more denim jackets, but the coats are so, so good.

Boots & Booties

Big trends in this category are lug soles, mid-calf, and Chelsea boots. Also, I’m happy to see some heeled tall boots-they’re great with midi skirts and dresses.


I’ll be honest. I absolutely LOVE my picks in this category, and there were a few more sneakers I might add, but I feel like casual and dress shoes have been a miss for the Nsale in years past. Nordstrom, if you’re reading this, up your shoe game for the sale. Those shearling clogs are everything, though!

Tops and Sweaters

In this category, many of the items are available in plus,reg, petite, but I’m not showing them. Do a quick search if something catches your eye.

So, what did I actually buy? Here’s a sneak peek at my Nsale purchases–I’m heading to the store to try on jeans, but I’ll keep you posted!

I’d love to see what you bought– drop your pics on Facebook or Instagram, and be sure to tag #everydaystylewithjen

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