Ep 71 Creating a Family Culture with Kimberly Amici

Written by everydaystyle

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This week’s episode features a conversation I’ve been wanting to have since the spring, when our lives took a different turn, we stopped going as many places, and started spending LOTS of quality time at home with our families.

In this important conversation, Visiting Professor Kimberly Amici shares how to create the positive, productive culture we all want in our homes. We discuss how to identify our values, and get everyone in the house on board. Kimberly shares how home design and decor can support our missions. Whether you have kids or not, Kimberly shares her tips for living with purpose.

Kimberly is known for her creativity, strong faith, and commitment to living life with purpose and passion. She is an entrepreneur, designer, and podcast host. She is the founder of Build Your Best Family which helps people live a life of purpose with the ones they love and become the family they were meant to be through podcasts, courses, live events, and personal coaching. Kimberly writes at www.kimberlyamici.com. She lives with her husband Carl and their three teenagers in the NYC suburbs.

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