the Everyday Style Challenge

31 simple tasks to help you discover your style, cut the closet clutter, use more of what you own–and have fun getting dressed again.

There’s good stuff in your closet. you just have to know how to find it.

If you’re overwhelmed by your closet, bored by your style, and wearing the same 10 things over and over, it’s time to shake things up.

The simple tasks of the Everyday Style Challenge will help you cut through the clutter, discover the gems you already own, and give your style a serious boost–without buying a single thing.



An instant download

a downloadable ebook that you can start as soon as you purchase!


31 Simple daily tasks

designed to cut the clutter, discover your personal style, and look at your wardrobe in a whole new way.


ONLY $39

to challenge yourself to discover your style (PS it’s easy!), jumpstart your wardrobe, and fall into love with your style all over again. 


Helpful videos

You can download the Guide and be on your merry way, OR you can watch the videos where I give tips on making the most of each challenge



The challenge goes through one task per day, like setting a timer and decluttering one area of your closet for 15 minutes, styling a favorite piece in a whole new way, recreating an outfit from Pinterest out of what you already own, and so many more! 

These tasks aren’t hard or time consuming, so kick your excuses to the curb and dive in. Make a promise to yourself to do all 31. Even the ones you think you’ll hate. Especially the ones you think you’ll hate.

By doing so, you’ll come away with an inspired wardrobe, a boost of confidence, and a style that you absolutely love. Are you ready? 


Does the Challenge tell me what to buy?

Nope! The Everyday Style Challenge helps you use the things you already have. Along the way. you might find a piece or two that are missing from your wardrobe, or that you’d like to add to boost your style, but that’s up to  you. The goal is really to buy nothing. Consider that another challenge!

Will I be doing the Challenge with other people?

The Everyday Style Challenge is completely self-guided and self-paced, so you’re on your own to schedule the tasks as they work best for you. However, if you’re an All-Access Member, you can connect with other Style Sisters who are doing the Challenge in the All-Access FB Community. 

I bought the Challenge, but didn't do it. Can I get my money back?

Sorry, sister, but no. Because you have instant access to the entire Challenge, the course is non-refundable. Please make sure this course is right for you before purchasing. 

Take The Challenge Now!

In just minutes per day, you can look at your wardrobe in a whole new way, and love getting dressed again. 


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