This week we welcome personal trainer, fitness enthusiast, and competitive bodybuilder Mo Akins to the show to talk about the importance of getting strong, especially as we age.

If you’ve been doing a cardio-only approach to fitness, or haven’t been doing much of anything lately, listen to Mo courage us all to make strength training a part of our fitness journey.

Regardless of your fitness level, Mo’s got tips to help you reach your goals, and she shares 3 reasons strength training is vital as we get older.

We also talk about Mo’s inspirational Instagram account. Mo’s feed features inspirational pictures of her hard work and fab physique, but mainly, I was impressed by her love of waffles with ice cream!

Mo Akins is a certified personal fitness trainer with CanfitPro with over 10 years of experience within the fitness industry helping individuals reach their own version of health. She’s trained over 100 clients by giving them the tools they need to live a healthy life in their own way. In addition to fitness, she also works as a consultant in the Fintech industry and understands the challenges of balancing a busy work schedule and personal life while maintaining your health.

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