We all want to be kind to planet Earth, and we all want to be stylish. But, can you have both?

In this Episode, we discuss what a conscious wardrobe really is, why women haven’t fully embrace eco-friendly clothing, and a few easy ways you can lessen your wardrobe’s impact on the planet.

This week, Lessons from Linda shares the story of a Linda who couldn’t dress for the life she wanted to live.

The Words of the Week are Ethical and Sustainable–both are important in a conscious wardrobe, but they deal with different things.

In Current Events, I share a list of stores that closed in 2019, and some that are scheduled to shutter more doors in 2020.

In the Style Lecture, we discuss ways to build a wardrobe that is ethical, sustainable, and stylish. I talk about some of the challenges in building a conscious wardrobe, and share what Reduce, Reuse, Recycle means when it comes to your closet.

Your homework from this episode is to decide where your level of commitment to an ethical, sustainable wardrobe is? Are you happy with your wardrobe’s impact on the environment, or do you want to make some changes. Research some of the brands you wear most often, and see if their values match yours. Finally, find a clothing recycling option in your area–keep your clothes out of landfills!

Links & Resources from the show:

Get out of your Style Rut with the Everyday Style Challenge

Store closings in 2019

The Style Lounge has closed. We invite you to join our member community in The Style Circle.

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Five stats on why this topic is important

2/3 of all clothing ends up in a landfill within just a couple of years of being produced

It takes 715 gallons of water to grow the cotton to produce one t-shirt

Over the last 15 years, clothing utilization has decreased by almost 40 percent

Plastic particles (microfibers) contribute up to 35% of the primary plastic in the Ocean  **Trap microfibers in your washing machine with the Cora Ball**

Garment workers in Bangladesh make, on average $33 a month–about half of what a living wage would be.

Building a Conscious Wardrobe is getting easier!

Conscious brands you can buy at the mall

Affordable sustainable style, remember “affordable” is subjective.  More affordable options.

Petite options

Plus Options

Now What?

Research the brands you love to see if their values align with yours.  Here’s a directory of major brands. 

Go Capsule!

Keep (and use) your things longer

Repurpose your old clothing

Buy second hand  ThredUpPoshmarkEbayMercari – Eileen Fisher Renew (my favorite!

Keep your clothes out of landfills by recycling them   Another recycling locator

The Give Back Box

Want to Learn More? Check out these resources:

These documentaries are worth a watch (search for them on your fav streaming service or youtube!) The True Cost (start with this one) –  River BlueChina Blue

A list of TedX talks on this topic

A Shoppers Guide to Sustainable Fashion

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