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This week, we’re talking about 5 trends for fall 2020 AND how to wear them. Fall is the perfect time for a wardrobe refresh, and adding just a couple of on-trend pieces to your basics can boost your style a lot. These are the trends real women will be wearing.

In lessons from Linda, I share the story of a woman who meant it when she said she wanted changes. Our vocabulary word is Jersey, and in philosophy, I discuss the importance of having nice things no one sees.

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Confused about what jersey looks like? Check out these jersey dresses under $100. 

Not sure what the difference between a trend and fad is? Listen to The Truth about Trends.

Five Trends for Fall 2020

Colors: Pinks & Blues    Olive, Rust & Marigold

Pattern: Leopard Zebra

Cropped Tops

Matching Lounge Sets

Puff sleeve tops

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