Today I’m sharing my Top 10 Fall & Winter Wardrobe Must Haves

Also on the Episode, Lessons from Linda shares the story of a Linda who couldn’t part with things because of the money she’d spent to acquire them.

In Vocabulary, we’re talking about Denier–have you heard of it?

In Philosophy, I share why “should” is killing your style.

Then, in the Style Lecture, I give you an auditory sneak peek into my closet and share what really matters to me.

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Denier Explained

My Top 10 Must Haves for Fall & Winter

  1. Ponte pants–comfortable, chic, goes with anything. These are my favorite pants ever.
  2. Skinny jeans- My favorite premium      My favorite budget-friendly
  3. Denim jacket- Of all my denim jackets, I like my Target one the best!
  4. Great layering pieces. Great layering piece for the money
  5. Fabulous Sneakers: My current loves.     Similar to the leopard sneakers I talk about. 
  6. Booties or Heels I can stand in. This is super subjective, but I have good luck with Vionics
  7. Go-to dresses.  Loft swing dresses are my go-to go-to’s, but the real star of the show are these tights. 
  8. Easy blouses to dress up or down. Favorite Budget      Another Favorite
  9. Beyond basic knits.  Always a Capsule Subscriber favorite     Another great option–as easy as a tee, but with more polish.
  10. Statement pants. My favorite ponte, in plaid!      Leopard jeans (where’s the heart eyes emoji when you need it?)

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