Does where you live influence your style? And if it does, which has the better style – the East Coast or the West Coast? 

Obviously, we’re not going to pretend to be able to settle this topic once and for all in a single podcast episode! However, we do explore whether regional style can truly exist in a world where retail chains offer the same items across the country, and around the world.

To dig deeper into this topic, we’ve invited two experts, both Certified Stylists in the Everyday Style Network. Representing the West Coast is Morgen Peters, a wife and mother of four who’s passionate about helping women create casual wardrobes that suit their current life phase. On the East Coast, we have Katie Valentine, who believes great style is about showing up rather than showing off. She equips her clients with the tools to embrace their signature style and build wardrobes that complement their lifestyle.

We talked about things that would look out of place on each coast, as well as their closet staples, and of course, how to make the same merchandise we all have access to look individual and appropriate for any regional style.

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In this episode:

  • Katie and Morgen’s different routes to becoming successful professional stylists
  • Does where you live affect how you dress? Hear Katie and Morgen’s definitions of East and West Coast style.
  • The trends that Katie and Morgen are seeing in their respective areas
  • Their Responses to a Style Advice Speed Round
  • Katie and Morgen’s experiences of being part of the Style Network and why they love helping women find their own style

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